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American culture?
NA CS Rising
To be fair you should actually have 13 players for the CIS region. I only did the 6 russians but completely forgot about the Navi wins and all that so the regions are actually pretty similar.
NA CS Rising
Wouldn't that still be in favor of NA players because of Complexity winning CPL 2006 & ESWC 2005 along with Team 3D winning CPL 2002, WCC 2004 & 05. Plus NoA won CPL 2004 with a Canadian and American ...
NA CS Rising
He said NA "Scene". Meaning those who play in the NA league (compared to the EU league) which is why he included the Aussies as well.
Its hard to have firepower when you have two main awpers on your team and they both kinda suck with rifles. JDM and Nifty are both t2 borderline t1 awpers but they are both barely even t3 riflers. Nee...
ouch bro
Nifty and Jdm
jk bud im going with 5/7 and a 5.5 fucking k signing bonus for the effort
Nifty and Jdm
Not even
Nifty and Jdm
lul... good try
Nifty and Jdm
That was always kind of JDM's issue. Outside of one or two stellar games he always seem a little sub par against tier 1 competition. He got to that spot though because he was dominating t3 and t2 comp...
Nifty and Jdm
Nifty and Jdm
Yes because liquid and major winning c9 were carried by Euro players, completely forgot.
USA warmonger nation
USA 9-1-1 Germany 0-2 ..... you only won a war as prussia :( feelsbadman
fns ruined eunited
I kinda like FNS but recently it seems like it would have been better for them to drop him instead of Relyks because at least Relyks took chances and good frag. FNS constantly plays the cautious safe ...
New Liquid
Sounds like a plan, just please don't kill your self next time Astralis lose. This lost has clearly done a number on your mental health and I'd hate for you to do something drastic and permanent becau...