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OPAA vs Anonymo
To win money ))
Ultimate OG fix?
It does not.
Ultimate OG fix?
Oh ok, didn't notice he's the owner. Still it doesn't work like that, OG most likely got shareholders, they give money in exchange for shares and right to vote in important matters, he can't just put ...
Ultimate OG fix?
How does captain of OG dota squad buying mansion for his private money relate to buying player as a organization? Winning a lot of money from tournaments doesn't mean u can spend all this money on wha...
Bad manners = shooting dead bodies XD Every single player from top30 did it atleast once
save michu
save michu
He deserves better than EG because what, because he's a pole same as u? xD He's like average player, nothing amazing, he was almost afk for 2 years, farming stats against NA teams, he joined EG and p...
save michu
It's not the same, as I said, they were able to win some matches against T1 teams, EG can't even win a map xD
save michu
Still they were playing in T1 tournaments and winning some matches.
save michu
And who will be IGL?
save michu
What u mean his first tier1 team, he was in VP XD
There were also suspicious clips of chaos, flusha and a lot of players.
save michu
I mean... he's not? Last 10 matches, he was top perfomer twice xD
Cloud9 core back together?
Alex and mezii are in fnatic, woxic is in eternal fire. They were playing today against each other. The joke is woxic was throwing to help his old teammates =DD
save michu
https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/matches/7356/michu?startDate=2021-04-20&endDate=2021-10-31 Are u delusional michu fan? >michu is carrying them consistently Nice joke =D