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lock the thread for being written with complete unawareness of the topic and potential bait at least
sometimes I wish I was Jonathan E
rip cuz you picked g2 over ence (tho i'm lowkey hoping for a winstrike victory)
‘Global Warming’
I assume your intent in creation of this thread was to troll could you PM me your answer to clarify whether I'm right or not?
major simulations
oh I get you not many can admit this on this site, i guess it's an indication of maturity as for the matchup, i believe that furia victory is generally unlikely but possible so gl!
major simulations
lul @ furia over avangar
The Best Pick'em (ez diamond)
btw I think I'll snatch your predictions for my pickem, only teams I'm doubtful of are Vega (that spot is really a mess, could be either them or Renegades, Tyloo and Spirit) and NRG (cuz meeeh... they...
The Best Pick'em (ez diamond)
Your one is pretty well calculated, gj, but as you know it is never as clear as it is on paper. So, how do you think, what percent of your predictions will come true? If I were you, I would go for som...
can relate only with your last sentence, denmark is great at cs atm
Starladder betrayed CIS
sucks for them
Starladder betrayed CIS
it's a DeKay leak his leaks used to be wrong in past but now they turn to be real so consistently that even HLTV pushed this as news
Renegades vs ViCi
3. Renegades picked Mirage
Most influential HLTV user of all time ?
still great knowledge
You have been granted one wish
I wish you to execute wishes completely opposite to the ones you originally intended to execute after taking advantage from the wording starting from now on
Press F to pay respect to VP