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brokyy AWP > olof AWP ?
nah .. olof plays smart and not go for highlights .. getting highlights doesnt mean u r better player .. playing smart does mean .. this is what olof does
Russia and Putin: all the truth about them
this is a bit exaggerated, though still a good reflection of our concerns
Syman Gaming[18+]
you see, Elo didn't come from nowhere. basically a lot of systems have been used and abandoned for various reasons, including GSL groups, GSL groups Bo3, Swiss with random seeding Bo1, Swiss with Buch...
Syman Gaming[18+]
Hell, even if they give you 1 group GSL majors like Premier League in football you'd still be complaining about how it's unfair to give equal points for victories over top and lower tier teams
IGL only 5v5
you gotta have equal mean rating between the teams, here the stats are relevant
ESL Pro League Tie Breaker
in what order?
ESL Pro League Tie Breaker
I double on that. Why is NRG first now? If it's RD not H2H then it's stupid
*intense applause from 251 souls on board*
Will these ESEA MDL playoffs promote to EPL S10?
thank you kind sir!
Will these ESEA MDL playoffs promote to EPL S10?
there are some esea mdl seasons with winners going to epl relegation and some offering just money prizes which of these is the ongoing one?
Will these ESEA MDL playoffs promote to EPL S10?
*promote to EPL S10 I mean
Haendel - Sarabande
oh, that one is funny no sarcasm, gj
Avangar in ECS Cup why?
Thanks guys! Sucks that I completely missed that Valiance are at WESG lul One more question tho: if some teams decline an invitation on the next week, will the orgs invite forZe and Valiance again or...