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only 37 ban.And all threads/history deleted.Still no perma

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Eminem G.O.A.T
nah i heard some blackbear song before he is good too,i heard guccis verse they both go hard in dis song.
Eminem G.O.A.T
lol never knew dis song existed.I heard of blackbear before also didnt expect him to be white.
Eminem G.O.A.T
ok but gucci mane will literally kill him.
Eminem G.O.A.T
he wants to fuck mariah carey so bad lol.Den he got scared of gucci mane ahahhahahaha
Your hottest pros?
lol i dont see it for instance faris is obviously a mixed lightskin,he is half black(like me). And faris got that pretty boy hair and facial structure while trihex cheeks looks chubby.
Your hottest pros?
lmao they dont look nothing alike,thats like saying ninja looks like nothing cuz they both blonde and white.
Your hottest pros?
what are u sayin lol.He is youyou cousin i think or brother.
Your hottest pros?
this one is next level
my halloween mask rate
Bolsonaro vs Haddad supporters world wide
Cuz its a half latino country just like U.S.A .
My Jew brothers come here
unexpected from America..i mean Israel.
yes unlike boring ass device
IEM Chicago in 10 days
i have family in chicago.So i am going there.ALso i am part of the mafia.
btw Uganda and democratic republic are pretty rich country.They are richer den wut people call undeveloped. also nigeria,south africa,egypt,algeria,angola,tanzania,zamba gabon,ethiopia,kenya are all ...
IEM Chicago in 10 days
I am going to be there,i will be robbing some beta gamer nerds there.