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NAVI 2010 vs Natus Vincere
I would bet something like this. But it's going to be a shame for the brand if the Navi 2020 lose even a single map to 5 retired players that were never that great in CSGO. Most probably 3x3 with each...
Is Gratisfaction Cheating?
One thing is the player not being rendered, and the other is the client not having access to the player position in memory. Not rendering improves performance and mitigates hackers that exploit Direct...
Getting Married
Marry, just because you have low self-esteem, is the worst kind of mistake you can make. Even if the girl is "nice", it's not enough to ruin your life. Look at how many people married their "dream gir...
Getting Married
The sweet spot is to date forever, but it's hard to maintain. Marriage is okay as long as you find a fucking awesome woman. Any bad decision or someone just "good" will ruin your life. Ask yourself...
demonized jobs by society!
Because of the basic rule: "offer X demand" The extremes: - Too many people able to do something that has low demand: Very low income - Too many requests for a service that very few people can perfo...
Corona canceled?
Today, just the UK has 155 new reports. Relatively to the population size, it's WAY more than the USA and Brazil. Most countries had improved the curve, and I'm not arguing that our situation is not ...
Corona canceled?
Looking at the absolute numbers don't make too much sense comparing big and small countries. Look for the relative numbers. Brazil and the USA suck, but the situation in most of Europe is also awful, ...
FalleN FER Felps Boltz TrK
Like Fallen and Fer?
Train CT is unbalanced as well. Most of the time you are not comfortable with 11-4 when you started as CT. So I don't think that's the main argument to remove D2. We need to remove because the map is ...
CHINA is responsible??
+1 We all had examples and even with that we decided to ignore. It would be much better if they had all non-urgent flights canceled since January.
How proud are you of living in your country?
I would say that Brazil is an 8/10 if you have money, know about the right places, and don't depend on any public services. With those restrictions, the USA should be my 10/10 reference.