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most unattractive thing in girls?
most unattractive thing in girls?
personality: smoking cigarettes looks: fat
Post 10/10 girls here
Ew wtf, thats not curves she is just fat. Plus she smokes. She let her body to rot
League of legends > Csgo
- Hell no, trolls can afk at spawn there the whole game or feed the enemy team so much - I want to play a shooter from the first person where are bombs, utilities and shit. I dont want to play a bette...
USA POLICE BRUTALITY how the fuck can these retards pass...
What the fuck is Minneapolis police doing ? I recently saw a video on facebook where someone recorded cops that literally murdered an afroamerican with his knee crushing his neck, he was choking him t...
CS major flaw
Quess what, you have to be genetically blessed if you want to be a pro in CS or in a majority of sports in general. Also not everyone can have crystal clear aim
My brother is pervert
Sex him
i just slept 8 hours clean
Work days seems much more acceptable when you manage to sleep 8 hours clean every day. When you do weight lifting you are forced by this lifestyle to sleep like that.
cs has no aim
I think he wasnt even sure if he survive the flames
Possible csgo updates
Stop giving Valve those ideas !
Alcohol most overrated thing ??
Its great that you value your health that much. I like people that build their lives on a real hobby instead of destroying their bodies with alcohol and drugs every weekend. But at least try to go wit...
It should had color scheme like chernobyl exclusion zone not like a jungle. Gameplayvise, this map is pretty good, not worse than old cache
Trance music 3:40-6:27 is my favourite