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esports salary
Ads dont work like that you see some product on TV and you go instantly going to buy it into the store. The company just want to tell that their products exist and they want to save that to your mind....
ASTRALIS = National heroes ?
So many people living in the past, football is also just a game, and you can see football statues.
ASTRALIS = National heroes ?
How can you suck at life playing under name Dev1ce, looking like a Tom Cruise, have millions of money because of astralis, be a celebrity, have 100 times brighter future than you
I love astralis
We want astralis lose because we want something else after a year of the same thing over and over again, its not fun for almost everyone here
I love astralis
Just watch the viewer numbers coming like -50% when is astralis playing, even if its the grand final, these 50% will only come back when astralis start to really losing
I love astralis
I wish someone creating a new team able to beat astralis, it will be different, entertaining for a while, but seeing the exactly same dominance again, again and again is boring and waste of time. I ju...
I love astralis
I blame danish superior genes for this game. I will not be watching every tournament where are astralis playing, anyone with me ?
Danish people still excited to watch CS ?There is so few on them on stream, nobody wants to see Astralis playing anymore after all of that. This whole cs scene is embarassing.
True greatness
If Valve wants to save the game with updates, ban Astralis, they destroyed everything. I want to also watch a comparison of Astralis and other teams training sessions, is this just perfect danish gene...
I love astralis
True words, just few plastic Danish fans are denying this fact
Astralis trillionaires
SKT were winning for a while ? I think that people really loved Faker in SKT, his plays were entertaining, you cant say that about Astralis. Astralis is winning for a whole year everything, and its bo...
Astralis destroyed CSGO
I just have to take a break from CS, I dont want to watch any more match with Astralis anymore, the scene is destroyed, waste of time. Thanks astralis and other teams doing shitty player transfers and...
Thanks Brazil!
I want to say thanks to them as well, cs has been boring lately just because of astralis
Vegan come here
Vegan come here
Vegans are so braindead wtf. Up there their is a guy talking about meateaters dying in their 40s, right there is someone beliving that he is not fat because he is not eating meat. Do you now get why p...