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30 > 700 in 1 day
good job bro congratz to u . my suggestion is now dont go yolo. im just imagining if u mixed that all together u were gucci now haha.
nope they didnt.so there is no difference between this guy who lives in 2k19 and cavemen.
just imagine not believing in God in 2k19. your brain is as the same as cavemen. just report this thread pls guys
dota2> csgo
oh wait gosugamers for dota is older than hltv right? oh wait?:D
dota2> csgo
as i said even the base prize is +2.5 millions for dota. and battlepass is a fully beneficial thing.u spend from $10-50 on it and u take about like 100$ items and treasures from it what about cs?u ope...
dota2> csgo
even the base prize pool is +2.5 millions and cs has gambling funding.which all teams throw for money :D . all results are : 16-11 (over 26.5 rounds bets) 16-13(handicap +3.5) and 16-15 (handicap +2....
dota2> csgo
reported for racism. I played 10 years of dota 2 and 5 years of cs.dota is way more competetive.No one could break the record of winning 2 Internationals till now.not like cs that astralis wins all a...
dota2> csgo
yea yea thats why dota2 has Ti with +25 million dollars prize pool.and cs only has 1 million xD
this was a bait with some creativity i give 7.5/8 the reason for that 0.5 is that i somehow realized at first that it may be not real and i haven't got baited.
#1 2019?
i guess s1mple again if niko keeps being in game leader then being top 1 will be really hard for him. and device maybe top 10 its like 80-90% chance for s1mple to be top 1 again.nobody is at his leve...
device best in 2018
gj dude really nice bait 8/8
Astralis vs compLexity
:)))))))) gj bro
Top 10 IGLs of all time
and where is TaZ?
NiP roaster changes
stopped reading at toaster
Juan deag story?
NiKo the notorious Juan?