Forum posts duck
it's not a cure depression makes people more vulnerable to addictions like betting which in most cases results in them losing lots of money if you're not depressed and can control it, then you can b... duck
betting is fine unless you do it because you have depression duck
rip life brah, that's why u dont bet on csgo
Winner of Zotac cup.
vp vs kinguin finals vp takes it 2-1 with taz dropping 90 bombs on 3 maps but still manages to lose
is it because he is saguandese?
It is random but the better the player is the luckier he gets - that's a fact.
GTA V online
i wish they introduced more heists and made them more interesting/challenging because that's what i liked doing with friends
+1, for the game it doesn't matter you aced the enemy team, it only cares about who planted/defused the bomb
war is needed?
thanos was right
Those who left cs come here
after i reached GE i felt like i finished the game i still come back from time to time but it's not as fun now because all my friends who played cs switched either to r6s and lol and i don't play tho...
5 km running
considering my 3:20 a kilometer i think i could easily get like 23 minutes
Those who left cs come here
i left cs and didn't start playing other games
AIYPWZQP in real life
1. don't forget to open the parachute 2. don't shit yourself
i would be brave enough to say that in this state of csgo it's not worth investing that much into a new team
hours / rank
People are different. I've been very passionate about 1.6 which transferred into faster learning in csgo. Maybe you just didn't play the right way to get enough skill to carry yourself.