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Astralis era ended in Blast São Paulo
i'll just leave this here, it should explain everything:
forgotten pro players
quick search says it's a polish and a czech word but it's not a serbian word. why would a serbian guy pick the polish/czech word for summer as a name? plus, he was literally called "1ntel" at the beg...
forgotten pro players
LETN1 used to be 1NTEL, as in "intel", before he decided to spell it backwards. i don't know why the casters say it wrong, they don't call ethan "nathe" or cutler "reltuc". even though i find spelling...
Ranking experts come here
1. the points in the lan and achievements categories are added at the end of the major. during any active tournament only the points in the form category are added. 2.the points are relative, not abso...
that is across all cs titles.
Why #1 Hated?
it's not real jealousy. when you think about it, the most interesting thing about any dominant period is: how long will it last? which team will be the one to topple them from their throne? that's wha...
xizt: 67 wins forest: 90 get_right: 87 taz: 72 nbk: 71 edward: 67 neo: 66 nice try.
MIBR at major
the coach can always be used as a substitute. no limitations. it's just that coaches usually suck as players, so noone does it. one example of a team that actually did would be c9 using their "coach"...
MIBR at major
they're always allowed to substitute the coach. epicenter made that statement to clarify that they're not allowed to pick a new player.
Astralis LUL
navi only attended 3 tournaments in the last 3 months, starseries and 2 blast. all the other tournaments where navi "made playoffs 90%" are too old, they barely count anymore. starseries will rotate o...
PRO ''league''
no, valve major spots were always held by the players, never by the orgs.
Reunion of old rosters
you could do showmatches where you replay all the old major finals. you'd get: nip with fifflaren, the legendary vp, fnatic with olof and krimz, ldlc, envyus, navi with guardian, lg/sk with fnx, etc....
Ranking FACTS
no, based on your initial statements i assume you know nothing, because your statements indicate just that. for example: "MIBR's ECS appearance was worth literally ONE point LUL NIP''s ECS appearance ...
Ranking FACTS
double entry :/
Ranking FACTS
the opponents rank is not considered at any point. for the hltv rankings a win is a win, doesn't matter against who. and losses are not considered at all. the factors that get looked at in the form ca...