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there are decimal points, we only see the rounded numbers.
UK seriously?
people working in hospitals wear fabric masks to protect the PATIENTS, not themselves. they're meant to prevent droplets from the doctors mouth/nose to fall onto the patient. what you'd need to protec...
HLTV Ranking Censorship
600 points today are not the same as 600 points at any other date. the points are RELATIVE not ABSOLUTE. how many points each tournament is worth depends on how many RELATIVE points the 1st place has ...
HLTV Ranking Censorship
the lan category, which accounts for 30% of the ranking, only covers 3 months. and that's 3 months to the DAY. we have march 9th, proleague ended december 8th, so mouz' win no longer counts in the lan...
Tier 1 teams
tier 1 is not a fixed number of teams. imo any team with over 400 points at any given time is tier 1 (500 points if you're purist). so right now that's 7 teams (or 4).
Astralis era
i'll just leave this here: the numbers are the size of the areas in [points*weeks] and i'll add: they won 2 majors because those were merely 3 months apart. i highly doubt sk wo...
Top 20 2019
erm... do you even understand what you posted? look at the graphic at the bottom of the page you posted in #44. in that graphic, every datapoint is the average of the 3 months prior to that date. you ...
Top 20 2019
those are the stats from individual events. the stats you posted in #44 contain a 3-month-average in each datapoint. it's up for debate which one better represents "form". also, by filtering only for ...
i guess not enough people care :/
Top 20 2019
i never said that he'll make top 20, just that his form at the beginning of the year was better than it is now.
the points are RELATIVE not ABSOLUTE. it's the same as . there are 2 sets of points, "RAW" points and "FINAL" points, but we only ever get to see the f...