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the problem is, you don't need to twist or skew anything. the kuran is pretty clear on what to do with ppl that reject islam.
VP were never TOP1
the tweet is from feb 2017, at that time sk hadn't won any event for 7 months :D
Explain life
plz read what i wrote to the other guy in #25, pretty much the same applies here. the afterlife is defined in a way that it can never be 'true' or 'false'. the big difference is the absence of proof. ...
Explain life
you're imagining things that by definition can neither be proven nor disproven. no matter how far we can look we're always looking into one and the same spacetime. we don't know because we can't know,...
Explain life
what does that even mean? :D what's your distinction between 'life' and 'this life'? do you mean the universe will continue after all life has gone extinct? of course it will. do you mean the afterlif...
Learning English
try it the other way around: english sound with your native subtitles. it really helps you pick up idioms, phrases and other expressions of speech. you can also listen to music, pause after every line...
Learning English
good sources for learning english, not the best sources for actual information XD and i don't think his reading comprehention is the problem. if it was, i'd suggest reading novels instead.
Explain life
why would there be anything 'beyond'? i see no reason whatsoever to assume that there would or even could be anything 'beyond'. are you imagining a 2nd universe?
Explain life
cus our parents fucked and we haven't died yet.
#6 fnatic and #16 SS
the form category keeps all matches listed for 2 months (worth up to 200 points); the lan category lists all tournaments for 3 months (worth up to 300 points); and the achievements category for 12 mo...
todays society?
...and our parents. most of the religious stuff doesn't start with the church, but them. it's more of a 'group effort' really :D and parents lie to their kids about pretty much everything to 'protect'...
#6 fnatic and #16 SS
statistics are used for players, like adr of kpr. giving teams points for tournament placings based on how many and which teams attended and the prizepool is not statistics, it's just a point based ra...
ass vs tits
Where is QBF ?
picking a fixed number in an everchanging field of teams is ridiculous. sometimes there simply aren't 8 good teams at the same time. as i've already told you: there are sometimes massive gaps between ...
ass vs tits
+1 THIS! why do i have to scroll all the way to #134 for that? was expecting "porque no los dos?" 1st comment :D