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read the fucking article instead of just linking it. "1 in 15.000 people" now shut the fuck up.
I AREN't??? Think that
i feel thank you (it's got nothing to do with being white, race-baiter. just someone with bad english expressing doubt)
TOP 20 HLTV Ranking 2013-2017
ok :/
TOP 20 HLTV Ranking 2013-2017
you should better edit the 1st comment instead of writing the correction so far down. 99% will only read the wrong list.
TOP 20 HLTV Ranking 2013-2017
how about: the player with the lowest standard deviation? :D
stop racism or I'll quit hltv
neither brazillian nor muslim is a race, [insert random insult to your intelligence].
+1 no rocko, no vote. totally newfags
COFFEE ?!?!?!?!
best interview 2018 :D i'm actually curious what position he meant XD
you're in a sad state. nobody was strangled, the police determined that when loda called them to the scene. the swedish police was called by a swede, interviewed everyone involved and bystanders and c...
temperature is an emotion
is Gay genetics`?
it's an extreme case of narcissism. those ppl wanna fuck themselves, so they search for an idealised version of themselves.
HLTV ranks are delusional
you know very well that i don't have the exact formula since it's not public. but i can explain the principle of curving to you.
HLTV ranks are delusional
perhaps you don't know that the rankings are curved. all teams gain points relative to how many points the 1st place team has. the exact same tounament would give the winner more points if the 1st pla...
you say "no proof" and then immediately follow that with baseless accusations of your own. wow. i desribed what happened in the video and what it means, you're just brainfarting at this point. goodbye...
since almost all american tv channels are owned or run by ppl directly related to democrats i would only watch them with a huge pinch of salt. pretty much all of them used to do 'bush bashing' back in...