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Hltv Ranking
what? O_o
Norway-Sweden-Finland ?
either you think it's ok to say fuck, then you'll just type it out. or you think it's inappropriate, then you just don't use it at all. but typing 'f*ck' is bullshit self-censorship.
Hltv Ranking
who's martin? hltv staff?
cyber gaming XD seriously though, both esports and e-sports is correct. you only capitalise the e at the start of a sentence or in a brand name. btw, wikipedia is utterly meaningless. the ones that m...
Hltv Ranking
5th-8th place at the major gives you 12.5% of the points for winning the major. starseries is worth more points than 12.5% of the major.
current ranking
tbf, godsent was only 3rd for 2 weeks right after the rostershuffle until starseries 2 happened :D
current ranking
this one is the biggest. these are the other 5 biggest (not counting weeks leading up or right after those dates): JUN 11 2018: astralis 1000; navi 574 JUL 17 2017: sk 1000; faze 588 MAR 7 2015: fnati...
I’m a fascist, ask whatever you want
stupid hltv double post
I’m a fascist, ask whatever you want
humans are social creatures, we form communities, groups. and with every group you get so-called 'ingroup-outgroup behavior', a natural instinct. people within the group are protected and encouraged, ...
Eras of cs go
2nd places and top4 finishes can't be called part of their era, an era is when you actually WIN stuff. it's just that the winner was always someone else, as soon as nip got their 2nd win at oakland, ...
Eras of cs go
this part: "2014-olof injury fnatic era" is not true. they didn't win any of the majors in 2014 and after their cologne 2015 victory the pronax lineup didn't win anything for 3 months until they picke...
fuck Astralis,seriously
astralis were #1 from jan 1st until june 5th (22 weeks). for the rest of the year it was sk (26 weeks) with 4 weeks of faze near the end of the year.
girls like blowjob???
to quote the great dave chapelle: "just sprinkle some crack on it!" :D
Alt-right propaganda about Sweden
there's so much wrong with this list... 1. if you're racist and xenophobic you don't need nazi ties, you ARE the nazi. so you can remove 2. 2. believing in wild constpiracies is not 'feelings over fac...
Apology for Emil and Peter
telling someone to grow the fuck up isn't childish. read in #20 what OP is complaining about, his reaction is immature. taunting and other forms of provocation that could lead to the opponent making a...