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Jame > Zywoo
Jame is a megabajter who only hold angles with awp.
Replace Nuke
You just described inferno.
No but I suspect a lot of people want to know. I think that showing players settings before games would be a way to connect more with viewers of the major and honestly quite shameful that it's not th...
Apex Legends
Decent game but buggy, laggy and honestly the map is to small(and way to low amount of squads) sucks that you can't be more than 3 or play solo.
Fnatic fix (1)
Swedish teams just recycle the same washed up players over and over again. That said karrigan is not a solution and I don't want more multi-national teams. If they wanna keep recycle they need to get...
Nerf AUG pls
Aug is boring.
Brexit gay
EU is globalism garbage made to make Europe a copy of the US and A should be happy that you are, hopefully, out.
s1mple & dev1ce
And Modric won Ballon d'Orr despite being way worse than Messi(or like 10 other players) individually. Sometimes results matter more than skill. Not that I think Modric should have won but sometimes i...
best food
189 cm 115 kg
I prefer girls, slim ones at that. Each to their own I guess.
f0rest immune to effects of aging ?
30, or whatever, is no age. There are hockey goalies in NHL that have career years at 40, ping pong players that continue well into their 40s and so on. It's mostly the fact that people find other stu...
Do you expect kio to start cheating again?
Hottest type of girls?
Well I mean he is mixing ethnicities with adjectives in the poll, kinda confusing indeed. "Asian" for example does not automatically mean chingchong even if that's what he is probably trying to convey...
ordered new pc
Well I mean most newer games are really boring, if you know what you like(I guess the poster plays CS atleast) there is zero reason to build for "newer games", keep in mind that this talk about using ...
dota2 is the best (comp) video game of all time
At the moment it's worse than LoL, last DotA patch is truly horrible to play and watch. 20 min stomps all over with absolutley ridiculous stat creep.