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NiP vs Red Reserve
pronax is very suboptimal, as is golden. f0rest can IGL. Let's face it you, or I, dont have the best insight as to who is a good IGL or not which makes it pointless to speculate about. Team above woul...
Nifty is the most inconsistent player ever and is indeed overrated.
Do you like your job?
Family is blood and will always come before some randoms, friends or not, you meet in life.
NiP vs Red Reserve
Why would f0rest retire? -_- Brollan f0rest Lekr0 twist REZ Is probably the optimal lineup. I mean sure you could switch REZ with olof or whatever but speaking somewhat realistically given current sta...
Wind and Rain vs Smoke Criminals
SuperJymy vs Smoke Criminals
pnad Why did two of the JYMY players remove their cap pictures? :(
Most Depressing City/Town in your country?
liberals are disgusting.
Best city in your country
Berlin is a shithole, lmfao.
Best city in your country
I like Ghent except the fact that people never pick up after their dog.
3 wasted talents
Well byali obviously cheated earlier in his career atleast so hard time feeling sorry for him. OT: w0xic is being wasted at this very moment.
Colombian wc girl
Sry I am not gonna worship some random person across the globe, I bet she get enough with attention for just existing anyway. Like some freak down below calls me creep while he is sitting and peeling ...
african refugees
I dont doubt that they are better off in Europe, so are like 1 billion indians. Problem is what they do to the countries they come to. It's like muslims who flee from other muslims and then still can...
PoE > Diablo 3
The only challenge in a hack and slash is hardcore really rest is just braindead entertainment to keep the mind occupied. D3 is quite bad imo, PoE is just superior.
pronax JFL, talk about hogging a spot from some swedish upcoming talent.