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dota2 is the best (comp) video game of all time
At the moment it's worse than LoL, last DotA patch is truly horrible to play and watch. 20 min stomps all over with absolutley ridiculous stat creep.
gla1ve cheating
I watch sport all the time despite knowing that a lot of the participants dope, in some cases I watch it just because of that reason. We all enjoy a good freakshow once in a while, see Lance Armstrong...
gla1ve cheating
He very well might be, the flusha of the presence so to speak. I mean can't be entirely sure without a ban but he is very strange to say the least. Still I would place money on flusha, byali, Subroza,...
Gla1ve salt in here
And now he used his special settings xd
overrated people
Would actually go as far as saying every women in the western world. I mean even real hogs got tons of beta orbiters.
overrated people
Heath Ledger Thoorin Ghandi John Lennon Pablo Escobar
Well he is not wrong. Fighting games really low skilled in general.
Goodbye CS:GO :'(
Faceit is already flooded by cheaters.
What your opinion?
No fan of battle royale games, tried some Danger Zone but honestly the matches last like 5-10 min it's just very lackluster. I suppose it's just a prelaunch to the actual one?
Eminem G.O.A.T
cba degenerated ghetto trash. "song", haha.
G2 Lucky
Guess he can't use his .exec as blatant on lan.
The 15 best footballers OF ALL TIME
Well why would I vote in a poorly constructed biased poll? If it would take you 2 hours to put them in alphabetic order idk what to say.
The 15 best footballers OF ALL TIME
You should really consider placing the players in alphabetic order, simply annoying to try finding the one you wan't and also the way you placed them points towards your own opinion(s).
Rate Freya
blameF hacker
Idk if that is blameF but I do know that blameF cheats.