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ZywOo vs EspiranTo vs sergej
EspiranTo easily.
Fnatic haters
Swedish Awpers
twist is not stuck he doesn't want to join NiP or fnatic else he would have. olof might actually be a better awper than any Swede except JW when he is on. I could see olof play awp ala device if he w...
oskar departs mouseports
"more firepower" and removing oskar doesn't really add up.
Fnatic haters
Well I guess you could pity him by that reasoning but dislike?
Fnatic haters
I mean I can understand why people dislike draken but why on earth would you "really dislike" xizt?
Post Ideal Team
woxic -awp device - 2nd awp ct, rifler NiKo - rifler-lurk gla1ve - igl krimz - rifler- anchor Tried to make it a bit different.
Choose one
I would probably pay to never watch a Marvel movie again(I suppose they kinda work for falling asleep though), easy choice.
i need a mouse bungee
electronic, Dosia, karrigan, flamie, edward, shox, Skadoodle, Hiko, EspiranTo etc just on top of my head.
i need a mouse bungee
I had problem exactly once with my g403 in a more than half a year and that I suspect it might have been because cat hair got stuck in the sensor, which happens sometimes with my wired mice aswell. S...
Don't want to be like that but the only reason they got that amount of rounds is exactly cause they won the pistolrounds, which are pretty much a toss up anyway. That said playing 4vs5 is no joke.
He plays CS that said he is level 3 on faceit so him getting a couple of frags is more than I expected. Paz, who is usually very good, played like he was level 3 faceit aswell sadly.
144 hz monitor
Yes, compared to 60hz etc, it is a humonguos difference but in 2018 you buy a 240hz
Nice Faceit
I would say playing 2 games, especially single map games, in one day is an advantage rather than disadvantage.
I also used to believe drugs was cool then I grew up. Honestly after a time the feelings you get from them feels just as fake as they are. Actually the poster above that states "drugs are for people ...