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What's your life like?
Intelligent enough to realize I will never be that successful or have any larger impact in the world and I am not all that content with it. Add depressive tendencies and a quite pointless existence, s...
What's your life like?
Absolute garbage.
s1mple close to shox
f0rest > neo though
Avicii... If you missed this song I suppose you dont go outside much, I dont even like it but I mean couldnt have missed it even if you tried. Rip
my new knife
Nice skin! :)
Then nerf 5-7 aswell.
Krimz top 1 2018
What does that have with his playstyle to do though? Anyway I can accept people who think s1mple is better since he is a god in his own right but honestly being a god with results > being a god withou...
Krimz top 1 2018
Except it's the opposite, s1mple is shaking, jumping, running around and making sick shots- krimz is like a robot(in a good way), holding the crosshair in the right place, checking the right angles e...
He is the best player in 2018.
CZ is just a stupid gun at all levels of play, worst feeling when you hold a angle as ct and instadink some full retard widestrafer who then moves you down in 1 sec at full speed with that shit. That...
Rate girl
Maybe he is just a weeb
Most famous person from you country?
It's Hitler and I am also certain Mozart is 2nd. .
Your body fat percent?
Ok needless to say I would guess most sane people prefer 10% based on those pictures. Bet girls agree aswell ^^
Your body fat percent?
How the fk would I know? Seriously who the fk actually measures that? -_- In any case 3% sounds like pure bogus but then again I only base that on simple logic.