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PC help ( CPU)
Wait for the Ryzen 3000 series and go for those, they will destroy intel in both performance and pricing.
2. Always go for silver / black.
Team to go 0-5 blast pro series
Astralis Mibr Ence Liquid Nip Faze
Yes I do, but instead of lowering the benefits of our people they would've taken a loan and with that loan money, they would've paid for the mass immigration and our people. Keskusta &Kokoomus just to...
Like I said, I do not vote for left. The very reasons you state that is wrong about the left parties I wholeheartedly agree. I do not support them and I never will. It still doesn't remove the fact th...
For the past 12 years Keskusta and Kokoomus have been the primary party in our goverment. And for the past 12 years both parties have driven down middle class salaries, weakening the working hours & m...
If you want your relatives (students, elderly & families) to suffer, then go ahead. But yeah, your options wouldn't make into the goverment any way.
Don't vote for kokoomus or keskusta and you do a favor for this country.
(18+) homosexuality
2 Adult humans (or more) can do whatever they want if they are willing in it themselves. There's nothing bad in it and if your imaginary deity says that it is evil, your narrow mindedness is evil.
Atheists come here and answer me
Yes, I am very familiar with both Aristoteles and Epikuros. They have been an inspiration in my own way of life, as you can clearly see how I view the world. Also I am very familiar with the origins ...
Atheists come here and answer me
I'm an atheist but I do not share any of those thoughts. We're our own judges and we shape our own small world around us. The purpose in everyones life is up to the individual. I personally aim to be ...
Dota2 = no skill
I'd say Dota is much harder game to master than cs:go. In cs the best thing you can have is really good eye-hand coordination. On dota you have to have understanding of every character, item and the m...
Should i go pro?
What I learned from my sologrind experience that you cannot go to pro from that route, unless you get into FPL, which is a hard task in itself. What you should do, is to grind occasionally faceit, rea...
NiKo destroyed FaZe.
The thing with NiKo seems to be that his task of being IGL and still trying to achieve everything as a player is becoming his downfall. He could do one or another, but not both, atleast not right now....