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i will rate your favourite movie
No country for old men.
crowd lmfao
We know that the Polish are toilet cleaners, that the only thing we need to know , rather than that we don't give a **** 3rd world-er cunt.
Hast du Google √úbersetzung benutzt?
you 're not a German, that's for sure ! so NT fakeflagger.
dude ! just don't wast ur time arguing with this cunt ! let him dream about israel's supremacy. The only thing that is keeping them alive is their money but, when the banking system collapse, they wil...
God of WAR?!?!?!
It's a very very good game but, it's not brutal and aggressive and bloody as the previous versions. would give it 18/20.
300+ fps ?
believe it or not! CsGO runs better in my old pc ( i5 4460 Gtx 770 8g of ram) was getting like 260 fps avg in any map. The thing is "The Source engine" is outdated this is the main reason that causes ...
300+ fps ?
just wow! i've the exact same spec as u , and i'm getting the same drops, was a bit worried first, then just realized i wasn't the only one. i gained +20fps by configuring csgo in the nvidia pannel.
You can't compare them! Simply because Messi is just from another planet. /close 4 ever !
Witcher 3
hahaha Lmao!! xD Cmon! we all know hes gonna pirate it ! Honesty is very rare nowadays.
SpawN, Zet, mSx, elemeNt, Hyper, Ruit, Shaguar, froD, whimp, and fisker
DUST 2 ???
Change what? it's almost the same , except some graphic updates.
gtx 1050 vs 1050ti
both are good cards , with the Gtx 1050 u will get like 270 avg at low settings (1024*768) and 170 at high (1080p) even more in face it ,go for the Gtx 1050 if u are on budget. oh yeah ! the 1050ti is...
best muslim country
Say what???!!! really ? Why? Cows are a part of their religion or what? ( No offense. )