Why u here dawg ?!
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G2 KioShiMa
Many people don't know why Kio was kicked from ENVY back in the days, the truth is he's super toxic, and trash talk the opponents all time, but when it comes to the game he has an insane aim and good ...
French text No2
there are some mistakes for Eg : '' Le mariage est célébré très grand '' just omit "trés grand " instead make it like that " Le mariage est célébré passionnément par tout les membres de ma famille.''
1.6 Bad aspects
That's a good point. the thing is CSgo is more Ping dependent than 1.6.
Upgrade on PC
It's a good one, this cpu is a beast, it would hold up for like 3-4 year so yeah go 4 it.
+ froD (he was the 2nd or 3rd best awper in 1.6 )
No Country for Old Men.
What...? Soma is a Psychological horror game, dafaq u talking about ?! Dude do you understand the concept of "post-apocalyptic game" ?
Snax worst than Styko in Mousesports
I think the only problem of Snax is "Communication" He doesn't speak English that well, and communication is everything in Csgo, but if we talk about his skills i mean Cmon ! Snax was top 5 - 10 Since...
hardest games to play?
The hardest games are by far by far by far " Dark souls' franchise. " E-sport i would say " Quake" "Cs 1.5 - 1.6" i'm not gonna count csgo, cuz this sh1* is broken.
My bird died :(
+1 u got me thinking :
Your birthday
Souvenir drops? :D
i got a drop on Cache, i'm bite confused whether i'm gonna sell it or open it ! ( u guys tell me) xD.
S1mple and Cold
+1 Cold is by far the best csgo player.
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
the number 1 spot will be between Device and Simple.
Edward wtf
really?? he was almost absent through out the "Legend stage ."