Why u here dawg ?!
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S1mple and Cold
+1 Cold is by far the best csgo player.
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
the number 1 spot will be between Device and Simple.
Edward wtf
really?? he was almost absent through out the "Legend stage ."
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
" faze would be a really upset and few things point to it but I think faze has really found something thats works all the sudden. " That's what i was thinking, their game play changed all of the sudd...
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
Don't think so ! Cold and Device are fraggin', so it's not gonna be that easy :D
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
But Liquid chokes in the finals, that's the problem :)
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
wow! Electronic top5 ? the thing is Guardian and fallen, and even krimz are doing insanely well's gonna be hard, but i would say top 10 maybe !
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
yep +1
Major's Final ! (Prediction)
But cmon ! not the best player, maybe top 3.
Worst country to play with?
+ french kids.
Worst country to play with?
+1 not all of'em tho.
Karrigan Tweet
bad results in the major tournament may be... !
M4A1-Shit fix
the thing is the spray pattern of m4a4 is almost random (broken) esp on the 64 tick servers. While the S the ammo (20 bullet). think they should reduce the recoil and add 30 bullets like in 1.6.
The spray was accurate, it's not Taz's fault that the game is broken, and valve doesn't give a ......
Virtus Pro
:( So sad ! may be they will find the solution. but yeah, it was an amazing journey !