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MOUZ NXT acquire mhL
best team any polish player has been on past 2 years KEKW
NBK Autist asperger
as someone with Aspergers, the symptoms can sound very general but actually experiencing them to the degree that gets you diagnosed is something completely different from just normal social awkwardnes...
BIG Academy undergo core changes ahead of WePlay League kick-off
Sad abt glaved tbh, thought he looked pretty good
Dignitas vs BLUEJAYS
Dan1 new Xyp9x winning every clutch
Gambit vs Vitality
players always get flamed but normally its not after literally every frag, I guess its more normie fans watching than usually
Gambit vs Vitality
what is wrong with twitch chat this match? anyone who dies just gets flamed no matter the context
Copenhagen Flames vs SINNERS
I really think CPH just cba playing 5 bo3's to qualify to the qualifier for pro league just before Christmas after grinding for na entire year and getting signed by Complexity, which is completely fai...
thats pretty shameless lol
Fiend release remaining roster
like they didnt even try and everyone still bought it its honestly shocking
Fiend release remaining roster
lol why is everyone still pretending that Fiend were anything but a front for matchfixing, no website no sponsors and the "management" is somehow completely unfindable on the internet beyond their an...
Savage vs Eternal Fire
savage so good
Vitality vs NIP
no 40 odds at 13-8 this time
G2 vs NIP
I cant fucking believe ill win a 40 odds bet lol
G2 vs NIP
pinnacle only placed min bet of 5 bucks though
G2 vs NIP
I got 40 odds on nip at 13-8 lmao