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My friend tried to do it. got 45 views and 3 dislikes on his 1st video, now he's working as creative director in Red Chillies Entertainment.
fulltime csgo bettor ama
if you meant baiter, is choko giving you personal training? if you meant something else, how's life?
XXX (+18)
I don't like BDSM
{+18}step sister problem
won't believe unless you clip it. advise after that.
How many 16-0 have you watched live?
I was, I don't care now.
How many 16-0 have you watched live?
3rd 16-0 added to my list. I did't know whether to laugh or cry.
What GPU to buy?
Yes it does.
What GPU to buy?
go for RTX 2060 Super instead same price, faster performance and VRAM, even newer technology.
clutched 1v4 on 5 HP
Your longest gaming session?
sleeping dogs speed limit run around 18 hours.
racist jokes = best
do you even understand that what you are saying is all assumption. it is like calling out someone to have a micro penis just to realize he has a hot rod. you are not humiliating me at all, take some l...
racist jokes = best
wtf is this with reddit? I have never used it. did somebody kicked your ass there too?
racist jokes = best
well if thats the case. you are dumb and hopeless. dumb ones can improve with proper guidance and education. but the likes of you struggle all the way to high school then drops out. no college accepts...
racist jokes = best
I earned that same as you have earned a boiling head right now.
racist jokes = best
do you really like to humiliate yourself? I'm not even trying, you are doing all the work by yourself.