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hREDS vs croveNt
crovent = retirement home
HAVU vs Case
Not really. They have played some Finnish games that aren't on HLTV, i think like close to 10 maps at least.
Aleksib HLTV confirmed
Did you even watch the episode? He had good point that if they didn't play like a shit these first 3 events of the years, then people wouldn't be demanding them for roster change because after all the...
Winstrike vs HAVU
He always been but on ENCE he was playing all the shitty roles, anchoring B alone in Mirage etc so he never was the star.
Winstrike vs HAVU
Testosami gonna trash these kids.
rumour from other pro:
If he wanted to leave then he would have already left at the same time as karrigan. Why the fuck would he stay in there, pracc new stuff with new igl for 2 weeks and then leave? 0iq.
bymas under rated
Not pistol round. It was on buy round where Astralis had 4 alive, they were lining up utility on Banana, ropz flanked them, died, Astralis rotated to A, Bymas was alone on short, held off angle at top...
bymas under rated
are u watching mouz vs. astralis? He single handed won that round where ropz died in lower mid, used the molly perfectly in mid + was hiding behind the pillar on a site and only peeked on the 2nd guy....
Almost back to LAN
It's better to have online. On LAN We will go back to old and Astralis will win every event again and be #1. In Online fluke teams like G2, Vitality etc can challenge Astralis.
If OG loses this...
They win 16-12, trust me
"Coach and 6th player team"
technology not there yets.
OG and losing own map pick
If someone would know, they would be already hired by OG.
bo1 shouldn't be a thing
>they are pretty undiscovered so idk if t1 teams like vp can even prepare properly. Just watch demos? Not that hard, and since they are Tier 3 team, there is a lot of demos of them because they play...
bet365 blocked?
Shit site. Minimum withdraw 40€.
Lvl 10 with fake stats come here
ok good talk. if you spent the time which you spend on lurking hltv in dm you would maybe win matches so you dont need to cry.