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zombie apocalypse
Valar morghulis
Joao Felix Juventos
Shut up fucking lampião
Joao Felix Juventos
Because flopix proved nothing on the big stage while JoGOAT scored against the all-powerful Rio Ave.
Joao Felix Juventos
Nah mate Jovane is the real deal. His dribble ability remembers me of Ronaldinho. With 2 years he'll be better than Hazard fo sure.
Joao Felix Juventos
He is leaving in 2021 for at least 160M. Mark my words
HLTV help
Joao Felix Juventos
Nah he is a big flop Bruno Fernandes and Jovane are the real deal. You can get both for 120m so go for it.
After life theory
Give me ur dealer number please
Tricked vs Giants
Okay this is going to be fun
Okay ur legitimate retarded.
Looses the argument, proceeds to call the flag and quit. Seems fair. 0/8
Are you a rock or something? He does this consistently, and he already made 1 key pass to bernadeschi. Are you baiting or just dumb?
His positioning is what makes him so good. He made the pass to Cancelo and run to the best position to score. Thats what makes him special, his movement, positioning and finishing are out of this wor...
rain and flamie > ropz ?
I did not say that he deserves to be in top 20 this year. But he wasn't mediocre the entire year. He started the year quite well. Of course, this isn't the same rain that got #4 last year, let's just ...
rain and flamie > ropz ?
https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/events/8183/rain?startDate=2018-01-01&endDate=2018-12-31 The statistics don't agree with.