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somebody's Somebodies vs zhokiNg Warriors
He meant that freeman was playing like a bench xd
EG era = 1 day
LULquid also Jetlag
Ukraine CS miracle
He doesn’t proof your point at any means, it only shows that NZ players are so shitty that any roster change won’t help them, lul
major winner 1000% correct pred
Exactly this, but I think nrg chokes in the finals, so ez first-ever major for Finland
-ottond +oskar
Both DE and Syman (“The worst teams at major) rekted Vitality so hard, don’t even try to compare them to fnatic or whatever, it is useless, you have to admit that rn they are doing a great job Vitalit...
FaZe changes
Jks is overrated imo, automatic dropped significantly in his individual play lately, so idk
NoChance vs finkatt
Lost all the respect I had for you
Fantasy League
125, 500 or 1000 MOUSE HZ
Literally no1 except from electronic and flamie, so nt
berlin major spots
Issa? Issa is Jordanian
Need help
I thought about this too, but after I checked his last games, I was confused. He gets 80% hs in one game, and then 15% in the other. But I am also afraid that he steps up and I gonna get penalty for ...
Fantasy picks
Pretty good one but picking magisk instead of electronic would have been a better option, good luck to u
Fantasy picks
U mean a link for a default fantasy or a private one?
Fantasy picks
I hope that faze gonna win at least C9+Mibr and Olof gets some points, as for AdreN, don’t really know what to expect from him as putting him as a noob isn’t a good idea Edit: Both can go negative af ...