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Should i trust her?
Thank you, man, you too! Hope everything works out for u! If u need any advice, u are free to ask! :D Edit: I will do my best!
Should i trust her?
But bare in mind not to “overuse” it! You have to spend a little bit more of your time with her (however, it depends on the situation. Sometimes it is better to let her know that she isn’t the only on...
Should i trust her?
Gold. You can’t have good relationships without trusting each other. It would be better to trust some1 and being betrayed rather than not even trying, even though the first option hurts more. However,...
R8 Fantasy 9to5
No imperial no party Xellow Chanky Jdqr Mynio Radifaction
Test your CS:GO player knowledge
Ty my man <3, really nice quizzes
Test your CS:GO player knowledge
Some more? ;D
North vs forZe
Bela ciao?
Gambit 31-1 maps
Are u sure Lithuanians are not allowed to play CIS Minors? I remember some team (Playing ducks core, don’t remember the exact name), but they failed to qualify. However, haven’t seen any of them since...
15-0 comebacks
I don’t know about which game exactly u are talking about, but there was gambit’s match on train vs old qbf core (don’t remember the exact name of the team), and gambit lost 14-16 while were winning 1...
I know, my friend:) Wanted you to get triggered
Syrson bis Zywoo
ZyWoo>>Syrson Vitality<<<BIG
1xbet verification
What do u mean “why”? There is a bunch of stories about 1xBet not allowing to withdraw money. Actually, I have seen 3 types of videos of this kind: 1. Impossible to withdraw the money 2. Admins (or so...
1xbet verification
Well, 1xBet is a famous scam site, so I am not really sure u will withdraw ur money, but GL mate!
+1 JW was so sick :(