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Swedish Election
a sane person! thank you kLIMAX!
Science is fake?
a very well written reply to a stupid thread. well done.
Gambit Meme
best Gambit meme is this one: #dosia
geez, not like that thorin, not like that. that was just awful.
Homosexual marriage
100% in favor.
Switzerland new 3rd world country?
+1 on this reply
Heroic vs Envy
while yes, indeed. short term they defiantly didn't get better by removing Valde. but they kinda had to. in generally, it's tricky to build an up and coming team around players who rather would join o...
Heroic vs Envy
niko had his entire family fly over to Atlanta. So I'm guessing they do much of the cheering
Heroic vs Envy
Confirmed, Rocket League
Heroic vs Envy
There are more tournaments played simultaneously in Atlanta. Guessing some of the noise might come from there. Or it's just the sound that's slightly screwed ^_*
Heroic vs HellRaisers
haha. yeah. I'll agree that Heroic should (and will) win. but your example for veto is so out there.. Heroic always instaban Cache. had HR not banned Nuke, Heroic would've picked it as their map.
newfags tosspot walle reference
gotta love tosspot. good ol' days
by looking at them it feels like they're trying to be fnatic. running and gunning. not playing as a team, not together. which might work, but these days, most often it doesn't. pronax might be a good ...
I always tend to be slightly suspicious towards sane comments such as the above here on HLTV. Shame.. But yeah, disband Astralis! I mean, they are only one of the best 8 (most likely higher on a bett...
+1 albeit I'd very much like to see VP in the finals over Immortals. But that's more of a personal preference.