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VP 10000 iq
ok i got you :fp:;
VP 10000 iq
papa and neo already in vp and snax should be confirmed as the gm hinted for him and there are sources says hes cmg back and byali like 60%
VP 10000 iq
DUDE LETS GO PAPA NEO SNAX BYALI - confirmed bring karrigan and lets seee who wins neo and karrigan or xy9nx and gla1ve...
I bet on VP
surely more than 300$
ty draken and xizt
the sign of xizt and draken was the worst sign evvver fnatic had made and now they are just getting eliminated in every tournament ,sad fnatic wont get flusha* back but i can see another opportunity f...
SK/Mibr most 0-16 in cs history?
mostly versus rng its accepted against fnatic because it was fnatic era and now i dont think its accepted both ast and mibr know dust2 and both of them can get rekt but not 16-0
LMAOTHIS IS THE Best and 100% prediction that everyone will go for it mibr>col navi > big ofc liquid smash HR and then idk dude but i will go with faze then semis: navi smash mibr liquid beat ast, and...
Draken & Fnatic
nip removed xizt and draken and slowly get themselves back and into the major FNATIC WAS PERFECT WITH GOLDEN AND LEKRO now they destroyed themselves and i believe if the major was on sweden or not e...
people who qualify from minors cant get 0-3 excpect they have fought some nobos who came out 0-3 because they are preparing alot and ready for anything ,this major is gona be so much boring especially...
Vega will beat Fnatic
wat doink,?
Vega will beat Fnatic
HALLO WAT DOINK?U WATCHED THAT and lol as draken said "it wasnt even clsoe" ez comeback comeback israel
Vega will beat Fnatic
ye but he wasnt like this on nip lol and his skill like got lower than before he wasnt missing anyshot with the awp and he was doing insane 1 taps with the usp
Vega will beat Fnatic
draken was too retarded to say that it was disrespectful alot but thats the truth and i guess he should have said it with another meaning like good luck in their last match tomorrow atleast throw some...
Vega will beat Fnatic
im trying to keep this in mind and i guess after liquid vs ast match we wil make sure this tweet is 1000% true