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Snax haters
btw first win for mouz since 2016
Snax is shit
2 words for u, suck it First win for mouz since 2016 smd bro
NaVi to win Eleague premier and the major
Virtus Pro
nothing since taz and snax left no move vp this is a new thing dude they even using a stand in to play
VP Innocent
neo like karrigan and papa like jdm god in awp and suck in ak
VP Innocent
hear it from me vp will have a new young polish roster or an international one neo legend retiring pasha <3<3<3 papa we wont miss u cuz hes on twitter daily papa in our heart byali is a fucking god he...
Major every 4 years
dude csgo events are poor and the only orga now that is actually making it rich is eleague,but fuckiçng eleague suck they are making events with 1m prize pool and puting fake fans on that numbered cha...
Major every 4 years
LOL every 4 years? bro there is ESL DreamHack PGL FACEIT ELEAGUE and every4years ? then the prize should be $5,000,000
C9 roster
im fucking possible sean might be in pro scene again with any team but n0thing with c9 impossible dude now the possible and good accepted roster auti rush ska golden styko and give them time to practi...
no one cuz its not gona qualify
Virtus "pro"
major winner made the play off always since the team get created in the major ofc only in boston 0-3, dh las vegas winner eleague s1 too other tournaments its either finalist (runner up)or semi
Virtus "pro"
They haven't won anything for like 3 years. nononnono once u said this ur wrong at all and maybe u didnt even take a look at vp trohpies so yea go and do it
actually hltv community laugh thread vp already struggling even vp members know that and they know they will not achieve anything in dh valencia so yes u guys just wasted ur $$ maybe betting on vp cu...
is Navi stronger than Astralis
astralis ofc better than navi astralis for me are now #1 without any contenders they are reallying playing counterstrike good nades smokes when they win tournament make sure everyone is getting rekt...
Cloud9 Fix