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men = women in what sports?
Both Venus and Serena Williams, who're the best female tennis players, lost to like the #150 ranked male without winning a single set, so no
PC experts come here!
Way overpaying for ram, you can get good ram (1x8gb ddr4) for about 45 now, and you're way overpaying for that hard drive, My 2TB hard drive was 55
shittest career?
How the fuck does someone who has made the top 20 have the shittiest career?
Top 20 players 2018: 19th
G502 is it good
I've had mine for 2 years now and have not experienced any of this problems at all, still works great for me
Highest rating 2.0?
comment #8, you didn't bother to click on the individual maps. It's the record for a single map
Highest rating 2.0?
Woxic had 3.21, WorldEdit had 3.08. You tell me which is higher
Highest rating 2.0?
This has been officially announced the record
Envy fix
Basically Nifty and Infinite on Swole Patrol here, and Envy should disband
TOP 20 PLAYERS OF 2018 (predictions)
I don't think you've ever watched him or looked at his ratings. There is a lot more reasons for him to be top 20 (will probably be top 10) then just he was IGL for good team.
FAZE WTF?!?!?!
Better than going 0-3 though, unlike some other team
rent (18+)
That's only 750 per person, which is dirt cheap in new york
Help 144hz
BenQ definitely Both logitech and HyperX keyboards are excellent keyboards, you won't be disappointed with either
Make a team using the letters in your name
JW Autimatic Coldzera KennyS ChrisJ
pros no one remember
You never hear about this guy anymore, but until just recently he was 3rd all time in total AWP kills (5th now, overtaken by Ska and Allu). Was he really good way back? What ever happened to him?