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if u know stuff about mice, u will also know that his videos are bad (good showcase tho) if u dont know anything about mice, they good as a basic guide / showcase
I've watched many of his videos... if you don't know anything about mice they're good, but if ur not retarded then they're shit
xtrfy are terrible, their oem shapes might be good, but their 'handmade from pro input shapes' are awful, which nip player uses xtrfy again? oh right none. they also use old sensors because they're 't...
no, this guy just goes on about the most subjective shit and decides if a mouse is good or not on it "this shape works best for me, meaning it's the best mouse ever!!" - rjn
Zowie is overrated, good shape but shit quality buttons, coating, scroll, etc. g403 is the best if u can stand its shape maybe the rival 600 is ok
If you just play cs/games then get intel, if u do more shit then get ryzen
Ryzen 2700x officialy as good as i7 8700 (CS:GO)
it's just funny, same shit with the old fx series which had like half the performance of i7s in gaming, "oh but when games are optimised for more cores, we'll be better!!!"
Ryzen 2700x officialy as good as i7 8700 (CS:GO)
that's low af too, 8700 should get 450+ on 1920 everything low
Ryzen 2700x officialy as good as i7 8700 (CS:GO)
everyone always says that about amd cpus.... 7 years later games still only use 4 cores
Ryzen 2700x officialy as good as i7 8700 (CS:GO)
<400 FPS on the FPS map is low af,
144hz satisfaction
yea, i would get that one over the xl2411
144hz satisfaction
they dont suck, maybe the XL2411 does (no displayport still apparently) but the others are good, just overpriced. they all use the same panels, but benq has by far the best settings/scaling etc.
144hz satisfaction
they use the same panels as other manufactures, just shitty default settings
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