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50$ CSGO 2v2 Wingman Tournament, every week !!!
This is what people used to play in 2on2, years till 2015 ish when the last online 2on2 ladder (aka ESL) died because everyone played only Matchmaking anymore and then Valve decided to ad...
games u play other than cs
Dreamteam for CS:GO events on wait it doesn't exist anymore but I loved it more than anything. Admins, I want my dreamteam game back and waste all my imaginary dollars on zeus :(
XcQ nice try
50$ CSGO 2v2 Wingman Tournament, every week !!!
Suggestion: Why don't you use classic 2on2 maps instead of the big 5on5 maps? Dust1 aztec nuke vertigo etc. There are great maps for 2on2!
No More Mr Nice Guy How To Be A 3% Man The Rational Male Everything you need to know in these 3 books. Then it's all about applying the things to real life. You're welcome. Choose the red pill or sta...
Cars from the 80s
First Baby
Instagramthotin13yearsfromnow <-
[18+] Rate nee haircut
It's alright but you need to work on your confidence.
PC became too slow suddenly
Doesn't matter, hardware can fail at any time randomly.
PC became too slow suddenly
RAM/HDD probably
No way to win in Tinder
No, you just have to work on yourself, up your game and be better than those 99% (which is, considering the stuff I wrote above, is fairly easy).
No way to win in Tinder
Nah, if that is your experience you are simply not attractive enough in their eyes. Simple Brad Pitt rule: Are you as hot as Brad Pitt? Do you have as much money as Brad Pitt? Do you have a social s...
No way to win in Tinder
EU girls fuck as much as NA girls, lol.
No way to win in Tinder
Your sexual market value is not high enough then. Several things could be the reason: 1. too much beta behaviour 2. not enough muscles/good enough body 3. too little money 4. you don't know how to t...
Honestly an unfinished story, wish he had a competitive car..