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Semmler coming back
Macbook is fucking garbage.
I guess you don't use one, I have one and yes, playing high definition videos makes it run hot, the downside of wanting it to be rather quiet
upgrading my PC
non k CPU yiiikeeers
TenZ explains bench
you know like
TenZ explains bench
Macbook is fucking garbage.
it gets that hot if you watch a 1080p video
1050ti vs rx 570
not worth the upgrade, its too little, save more money
To this day I'm confused why no company or he himself has given himself some training by a coach to speak more slowly and less with an accent. He's not stupid, but the way he talks etc. is horrible I...
2700 easily gets more fps than mentioned above
Impossible to judge. Could be anything
Macbook is fucking garbage.
Next time do a little research, please. Nevertheless you can simply sell it, buy a $1000 Pc setup including monitor and everything, buy a $700-1000 laptop and put $1000 on your savings account. Then y...
Why is it impossible for me to do something i dont want to do
There are different things that could be the reason: - depression - your life is too easy (not doing x,y,z has no consequences for you) - you have no discipline, directly connects to the one above ...
Anders going mad in 2019
non native speakers will never be as good casters in English as native speakers /close
Miss an user? than COME HERE
TromhaT Fodder
Girls dont like white boys
only brainiacs in the video holy shit what are these names "reckless jay" and shit god I've never been to the US please tell me these are the dumbest people this dude could've brought to this video ...