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"Friendly reminder that no asset can guarantee returns" It's literally a currency that converts to USD easily. "If there is no demand at higher prices your returns will be zero if demand decreases t...
Bitcoin is a currency, nothing you just said applies to BTC. P.s. SK are going to lose.
Fnatic haters come here
Same fucker that told me fnatic would win 2-0 against OpTic, little twerp
FaZe vs fnatic
Not only is he an Arab he's also a deformed midget
Who listening LIL PEEP's music come here
I mean yes and no, shit really came together after Hellboy tho and there's a reason for that.
Who listening LIL PEEP's music come here
I can relate and it slaps. I guarantee I'm more successful in life than you.
FaZe vs fnatic
FaZe locked the fuck in, hopefully overpass is actually close because that was a total stomp.
Who listening LIL PEEP's music come here
https://youtu.be/HkhOE9E_2cI Fan before all the cringe fanboys came btw
Gambit vs Vega Squadron
Pretty self explanatory no?
Gambit vs Vega Squadron
This makes zero sense but I'm ok with it.
fnatic vs OpTic
Nice try
fnatic vs OpTic
1-0 Result: Win Such a well played map from OpTic, even after KRIMZ pulling off some pretty tiltworthy clutches, fnatic were totally outplayed and read like a book. Just like the matchup with SK, Op...
fnatic vs OpTic
0-0 This fnatic team have severely over-performed at this event, the Liquid game was pure luck and they would have lost with a scoreline around 16-8 if LIquid wasn't using their coach, they were fair...
Grey vs Parallax
the only way parallax lose is if the 5 non-pics blatantly cheat
TyLoo vs Vega Squadron
i don't understand at all, tyloo beat them 2-0 and then lost 0-2 with both maps going into OT with a standin, yet now 2 weeks later they were at $4 to win a map on bet365 lol