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Fnatic lucky
not sure what you're trying to prove with this post? my point isn't that they're unlucky it's that they're definitely not lucky
two things that i've noticed that are massive problems for fnatic 1. getting off to a bad start (e.g. losing pistol and then the first buy round going down 0-5) 2. losing retarded unlosable rounds due...
Fnatic lucky
not sure why you're taking the term literally.. comparatively teams such as SK, Astralis and so on would not be losing said rounds 9/10 times
Fnatic lucky
fnatic lucky? fnatic lose pretty much every important clutch round these days and throw away unlosable 3v5 2v4 rounds consistently, if anything they're unlucky
Rain in FaZe
and i'm saying that in no way does rain have more impact than niko
Rain in FaZe
i don't get what you're trying to prove here, are you seriously trying to tell me that if you add niko to a team, the team will be shitter than before he joined?
Rain in FaZe
maybe because they've become an actual team with an IGL and set roles instead of messing around while niko waits to get bought out/contract to end
Rain in FaZe
which is the opposite of a key player, nik0 makes everybody on the team better
Rain in FaZe
replace niko with aizy see how well rain does lma000000000oooooooOooOoOoOOOoo
Rain in FaZe
what the fuck are you saying? key player? there's literally 1 year of games where you can see rain going out in group stages. you're straight up fucking retarded if you think niko isn't the "key play...
I'd love to kiss f0rest
id eat f0rest's tight holes
21, "it consultant"/whatever title they give tech grads (changes every 2 months lmao)
425$ on Celtics
playing the -5.5 was a tad risky, the game was definitely rigged though the nba weren't going to let the C's lose game 7
Device SALT
lets be honest, faze would be going out in groups if it wasn't for 1 player
ropz eye
he was in a homosexual relationship and his father tossed acid onto his face