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Been here forever. CS 1.6 was the real deal.
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Guitar nerds come
That epihone les paul is pretty overpriced. But get one of those (I had one myself before i eventually bought an original les paul), and replace the pick ups with gibson 500t, P94R or dirty fingers, a...
ebola > corona
lmao has ebola even proven itself outside africa? corona has proven itself in england, spain and italy..
GOAT of each sport
Cristiano won 5 UCLs, Messi has one 4. Doesn't really matter even, less games (especially with that format) allows more random shit to happen. If I had to choose between winning UCL 5 times and winnin...
GOAT of each sport
"proved himself many times" lmao what he won 2 leagues in 9 years at madrid
Probably the first thing Elon Musk has tweeted in a very long time, that actually doesn't brand him as a standout clown. Strong dislike the guy, he's done nothing but commit federal crimes - but he's ...
Bryant's funeral
Kobe Bryant already had his funeral, whereas it's the memorial they offer a very limited amount of tickets for.
Bryant's funeral
whereas with socialism, nobody is making money yet expecting to get everything for free
Who retires in 2020
doubt f0rest will retire when he's living the dream with his boys in dignitas :)
Is HLTV becoming 4chan?
You apparently do not browse chan a whole lot if you see similarities. :)
MAD Lions
And it's not even his first time doing so. Imagine every time you build a team, the other big teams come scavenging. The most recent example was Heroic buying b0RUP from Tricked, where they then picke...
MAD Lions
People really do not understand the impact HUNDEN has on the scene. He made gla1ve, MSL and practically raised every single other talent. Why is it a surprise that he can create a team with young tale...
Best hltv user per year
That is quite sick :)
Cheat coder doing an AMA
Honestly, I have been bandwagoning the thought at certain points of the game, that a lot of pros were cheating. Some more than others (flusha the most extreme example). However I do not believe for a...
Best hltv user per year
There are quite a bit of people who came to HLTV before 2015 that still lurks. Most people tend to not actually take part in whatever HLTV evolved into. You're not wrong that many people started watc...
Best hltv user per year
Youre 10 years off, and wrong at that :)
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