Former 1.6er, casual CS:GO puglord, a hopeless Astralis-bettor and generally a nice guy.

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Most of my views strongly reflect my opinion about the indivuals on the team.
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NiP = Ash's Pikachu
Well... The only thing destroying NiP is NiP. So I think it's a pretty nice reference.
PERCY & maeVe create ajukreizi
I dont know the guy - but all of the teams he is in dies before they sign with an org.
PERCY & maeVe create ajukreizi
Thanks! :-)
PERCY & maeVe create ajukreizi
Percy isnt a part of this lineup in 2 months. Either disbanded by then, or kicked him to the curve.
PERCY & maeVe create ajukreizi
Old school Danish CS placeholder name. :-)
Ronaldo @ LoL MSI Finals
He spends a lot more time in Barcelona. So if Spain could land a major, Neymar would probably attend.
fnx: "I decided to step down"
She is with device :-)
Denial releases anger
Played against both fejtz and maxie in Europe recently. Isnt the lineup just disbanded?
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
It's pretty simple why anyone would do that: because it works for him. It's exactly the same as personal configs with wierd viewmodels, crossairs and zoom sensitivity or whatever. Personal preferen...
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
This is my exact point. Just because he does it differently doesn't fucking mean he is cheating. No one can actually tell if Kjaerbye is adapting to the pattern, because it's insanely hard to see when...
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
Look at #229. His only argument is the fact, that Kjaerbye plays different to any other CSGO pro. He is legit only stating his sick knowledge about CSGO. I am apparently great at reading the little...
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
You are legit accusing a guy of cheating, when your only evidence is his aim is shaking. How awkward is it for you, that there are multiple videos out there of Kjaerbye shaking his arm IRL while sp...
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
"I play CS since 2006" >userid 813757 I rest my fucking case. You have no idea about the game what so ever, you know nothing about the history of the game what so ever, you know nothing about ha...
Most Beautiful Countries
I did not catch that. How tf did Denmark make it there? Average at best.