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Is God Real?
"Also what created god? People say he's eternal, but why can't the universe itself just be eternal by the same logic and not have a creator." What if God=The Universe?
There is 1 way YnK can get a good rep as a coach with Faze....convince NiKo he's not an IGL :>
best footballer
Agreed. I have no idea who England's best player would be, tbh. Gazza at his peak was probably better than anyone I've seen play (that is English) but he didn't do much in his career and spent his pri...
CS:GO MM-Ranking system
Whilst you are correct, you're not 100% correct. Lets assume no bombs ever get planted, who gets the most MVP's? That's right...the guy with the most kills. It happens, sometimes bombs don't get plant...
Which football club do you support?
I mean, Porto DID win the UCL with this mentality, under Mourinho, soo...make of that what you will.
NRG +mixwell
An Americanadian who knows more about CS than a Swede LUL You right though
Yeah, ofc. My comment wasn't aimed at you specifically, sorry if you thought it was. I don't think anyone is in a positions to comment, personally. There is no clear evidence of anything other than a...
I've seen it....1 screenshot. There is no detailed history, only recent. There are so many scenarios that could possibly be at play and people are throwing salt everywhere! You all need to calm down a...
Pfft...reddit is a cesspool of conjecture and dumb kids throwing salt around. From what I have seen, there's nothing to it and absolutely no evidence that he banning girls specifically. You all need t...
Really? I'm a sub and watch on a regular basis....never seen anything like this.