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BIG vs TyLoo
Its not an excuse for the round but for his performance being not on point when he has to fill in a role he doesnt play. BIG already said they take this event with them, no matter the situation but th...
BIG vs TyLoo
no kakafu is also noth there, Lenz (The Manager) is in the Coaching slot.
BIG vs TyLoo
tabseN has to call aswell.. tabseN is IGLing now not legija when gob is not there
BIG vs TyLoo
not gob no kakafu, feels bad.. hope MDL Finals will work out for BIG and Belo Horizonte will be good with full roster.
What hate are you talking about? I dont know a single german who hates the UK aside from banter or Football lul
Pros you miss...
he also stalked tiziaN back then
german rap!
Morlockk Dilemma > All of the new german bullshitrap
Girl pissing
Nice Toilet Paper Nice Asia Toilet LUL
BIG vs Eclipse
me too, but we will have to wait after MDL Finals.. so we will probably not see the whole Team until ESL Belo Horizonte. Since Legija playes the MDL Finals and not smooya
Talk about GuardiaN flicks, she will remember them forever.
I NEED $3 mil
but dont get caught with to much or you will get fugged by taxes and be a poor boi :(
I NEED $3 mil
Buy Alcohol at the German Border Shop and resell it in Finland. EZ Profit.
Fashion question
I'd wear a bag sunflower seeds with this as accessoire
EURONICS vs Valiance
bets are refunded. they have to play 99dmg league and both teams where already qualified for MDL
Papa Legba bless