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Just instal WoW
repost of s1 speech <3
and then he wakes up and is in hell with us germans. shit happens.
can you beat a wolf in a fight
why would a wolf fight you? they arent agressive towards humans, and very easily scared off. Unless they are conditioned on food or have rabies.. If they bite a human its usually out of stress.. and...
Good Browser Games? good place to waste your time
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how to not procrastinate
make a week plan
[Help] Weed Addiction
Oh please man.. when you google everything please google the difference between addiction and dependence first.
[Help] Weed Addiction
Listen, i dont say its not as serious as any other. I just said that behavioural addictions are just differnet from physical addictions. Take a Gambling addiction for example. It rewards your dopamine...
[Help] Weed Addiction
Never said they arent real, but they arent physical. Nicotin and Marijuhana are behavioural addictions.
[Help] Weed Addiction
Oh i know nothing about it? Okay. What are the physical withdrawal symptoms of a canabis withdrawal? Pleas tell me. Can't? Because there are none. With a physical addiction you need a substance for...
Pick Grill (18+ EDISHION)
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[Help] Weed Addiction
quitting gradually rather than "cold turkey" might also help if you experience psychological withdrawal symptoms..
[Help] Weed Addiction
Marijuana dependence is rare and psychological. not physical. the withdrawal symptoms in the article are aswell all psychological, not physical. its a habitativ addiction not a physical one.