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Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Na'Vi getting quite unlucky on this t side and Astralis are getting saved by the AUG's, but the ct side is what cost Na'Vi the game and I feel like they have to change their B site. Perfecto is not do...
Vitality vs Astralis
Apex responsible for so many rounds this last map lmao. Should've been a much closer inferno but glad to see Astralis winning tbh after that Nuke performance, not anything against the french team but ...
NAVI +mir
I don't think it would. Mir is very, very well rounded and can play multiple roles and has done that through the years.
NAVI +mir
He's become a much better player recently both online and on LAN, so sure it's relevant. Players do develope, you know :P I guess we'll have to wait and see.
NAVI +mir
Here's his 2019 rating on LAN, which should be the most relevant imo. https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/8789/mir?startDate=2019-01-01&endDate=2019-12-31&matchType=Lan And that's playing on Spirit, ...
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
Bruh go rewatch that round. Sure s1mple holds the angle but dupreeh peeked like one second if not less after s1mple got the first one. If he lets that angle go he might get killed in transaction which...
NAVI +mir
Spirit has reached their maximum potential this year. It'll not get better than what they achieved this year and I'm not saying that in a negative way. Why not let their best player get a shot at the ...
NAVI +mir
He's not though.
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
Perfect example of why you can't let a player like perfecto play solo B. Even when he's having a good game he isn't a very good anchor in my opinion. And now he's like 3-20 and B site is free for Astr...
Gambit vs Virtus.pro
VP should just go on their vacation already, lol. The level of play is complete dogshit
sAw vs Nemiga
Again arki completely throws the round by peeking for no reason when it's 20 seconds left and nemiga doesn't have the bomb. 3 v 2 situation. If you're going to peek you better damn hit the shot and n...
sAw vs Nemiga
Saw simply lost to themselves. There's no way they should've lost after getting to 10-10 versus an eco and 11-11 having a 5 v 4 to a shitbuy. Nuke is a cointoss but Saw are making twice as many mist...
sAw vs Nemiga
Unfortunately Saw plays their anti ecos so braindead it's just sad. They get 0 kills versus a usp / one deagle and one awp buy that was saved. How the fuck do they not realize that all they have to do...
Copenhagen Flames vs PACT
HAHA I lose my -3.5 CPH flames because they can't convert a round versus 4 deagles and one AK at 12-5 ct side train. Just disband this lineup, they're the new danish choke meme.
G2 vs BIG
Xantares fucking bot, kito does all that and he's not even able to get a single frag done.