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North vs BIG
HAHAHAHAHAH that's such a fucking North round to lose. Just fucking go, why would you ever wait that long? Just use the utility and go, fucking hell it's a 5 v 3just trade, you got better weaponary. ...
North vs BIG
How did they gift that round to smooya? Jeeezus...
Bushido Boyz vs Rap Gang
I've said it before, I'll say it again. Something has to be done about NA MDL. The worst teams in the EU MDL, would top NA MDL. Yet the same chance to to get to pro league is offered to these teams, a...
Liquid vs ATK
Damn this B site is weak. Not been able to get trades, and advantages is nowhere to be found what so ever
TeamOne vs Mythic
I've never seen a worse setup on the pistol than the one mythic had lol. 4 people stacked on B, not even peeking banana after 20 seconds has gone past. Jeezus, such high IQ, xD
Just Swing vs INTZ
INTZ losing a 4 v 2 to one glock and one p250. What a fucking joke haha.
TeamOne vs Mythic
Teamone has had so many years in the US yet they're stuck in the same place as when they came there in the first place. They've had their chances, no improvements what so ever.
fnatic vs North
Jugi hasn't been good since forever it feels like. I also heavily question bringing in cajun into this team. Like, what's he going to bring that isn't already there? They lost their arguably best frag...
fnatic vs North
Haha North played that in the worse possibly way. How the fuck do they manage to mess that round up? That's so embarrassing and so ''north like'', jeezus any top 30 team would've played that better.
Evil Geniuses vs Complexity
Nice anti eco EG. 5 v 3, go 1 by 1, b site is fucking open. They probably will still win the map but holy fuck that was horrible to watch.
Evil Geniuses vs Complexity
EG are just a bad joke at this point. Almost losing 2-0 to eunited. Losing Nuke from 9-8 on the ct side versus fucking complexity. And not picking inferno to begin with was retarded enough. As all NA...
Evil Geniuses vs Complexity
About to lose from 9-8 up on the ct side of Nuke versus CoL. Imagine not picking inferno btw.
Cloud9 vs Complexity
Complexity with the worst communication I've ever fucking seen. First of all, somehow blameF thinks it's B. Second of all, he has the kit, yet obo is the one defusing with almost no time left. LOL An...
Cloud9 vs Complexity
So that's a round where I have no idea what's going through CoL's minds. They have 2 famases and 3 smgs, shit utility. They chose to stack 3 on A and 2 on B. Why not just flank with the B players or s...
Cloud9 vs Complexity
CoL wins that round if Dephh doesn't go for that push for absolutely no reason tbh. They already had the information. Looking rough on Overpass.