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Russia school shooting
>school shooting >set up an explosion
OpTic vs Renegades
I bet on OpTic - JuGi 0 awp impact at al, bottomfragging every game and sucks dick I bet against OpTic - JuGi god mode, killing everyone and getting insane shots
Sprout vs HellRaisers
NaTo whiff costed them the game https://clips.twitch.tv/GoodGoodMilkSoBayed I fucking knew it. Sprout is bunch of retards honestly.
Sprout vs HellRaisers
NaToSaphiX such a fucking onliner https://clips.twitch.tv/GoodGoodMilkSoBayed
Renegades vs CyberZen
Round over - Winner: T (12 - 9) - Enemy eliminated Savage killed Gratisfaction with knife_butterfly Viva killed jks with ak47 (headshot) Viva killed jkaem with ak47 (headshot) Viva killed liazz with a...
Spirit vs AVANGAR
1-0 ---> 1-14 nice retards
Spirit vs AVANGAR
Round over - Winner: T (1 - 1) - Enemy eliminated buster killed somedieyoung with famas buster killed Dima with deagle qikert killed COLDYY1 with p250 COLDYY1 killed KrizzeN with mp5sd (headshot) Jame...
Best juliano pics
Here you go https://imgur.com/a/ChkDi
Bpro vs Nordavind
Losing 4v1 pistol round XDDDDDDD
best hltv copypastas
Im gonna kill myself tomorrow, hang myself in my apartment... Ez 6k lose on this shit EPL rigged. My last 1k on rogue -2.5 but ofcourse lose 4 times force buys. 15-13 and loose 5v3 retake cus stanley ...
Make a deagle team
so? this thread is about deagle players, no? it's not like we're talking about his achievements
-karrigan +s1mple
Nice alt account tho If you can't write his nickname properly that's not my problem
-karrigan +s1mple
Then write AdreN, not adren
-karrigan +s1mple
Of course adren has decent english, since he is from NA lmao What a shitpost
-karrigan +s1mple
"besides EU players" It's like the whole csgo scene lmao