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WTF happened to ScreaM
From the most handsome pro to homeless Arab immigrant
Liquid tier1 - how to implement
Nifty is overrated. He had some amazing games but that's it. He's shit overall.
Liquid tier1 - how to implement
It's true though
Liquid tier1 - how to implement
Or you can remove TACO and add autimatic But then people will complain about not having an igl (although Liquid don't have a proper igl atm) vs Fragsters
I wonder why this team keeps getting invited....
cromen new team?
Actually not a bad idea. I think it would be great. -GeT_RiGhT +cromen for example. But then again, they need a primary sniper.
R8 tabseN GF
Kayleigh Coxx #Transgender-Model
NRG vs Swole Patrol
Jesus Christ... I wanted to bet on this match before Astralis vs NavI starts but seems like they will start at the same time...
r8 my gf
That's a male
Fragsters animals
They lost 5v2 pistol round They lost 5v2 at 13-12 score They lost 4v2 at 14-14 score
Fragsters animals
Go and check scorebot of that game. Do you really believe this isn’t a throw? They threw every fucking possible advantage after 13-2 half. How can you explain it?
Fragsters animals
ur mom
Fragsters animals
You would be fucking pissed as well if you bet on a team and they threw fucking 13-2 lead in such such autistic fashion
Windigo vs Fragsters
13-2 lead lose 5v2 pistol round lose 4v1 lose 2v1 lose 5v2 again lose 4v2 lose 5v3 to close end the map Fragsters kill yourselves like seriously
Windigo vs Fragsters
Round over - Winner: T (12-13) - Enemy eliminated pNshr killed Bubski with ak47 SHiPZ killed refrezh with ak47 pNshr planted the bomb (2on2) SHiPZ killed torben with ak47 (headshot) pNshr killed drago...