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Zeus vs Ant1ka
Major champnion vs some random female player Obvious answer
i r8 ur pornstar [18+]
Yeah, I know that. I don't like huge boobs. But a bit bigger would be better for sure. She even said herself once that she doesn't like her boobs because those are too small.
i r8 ur pornstar [18+]
Imo she is perfect but the only flaw she has is really small boobs which is a very big flaw for pornstar I would say
i r8 ur pornstar [18+]
Gia Paige
This pic will scare you
is this happens because we are from BULGARIA ???
Ramz1k Stream
Ramz1k's gf -
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Quantum Bellator Fire
qbf disband pls I don't wanna watch this shitshow anymore
Vega roster changes
Literally what I said?
Vega roster changes
HAHAHAHHAHA legendary spammer kid Black137 is right here I can't believe my eyes
Vega roster changes
Mir is really skilled individually. He's much better than Edward/Zeus that's for sure. Bot we don't count Zeus since he's an igl. Mir is better than seized as well if you consider Gambit.
Vega roster changes
That is weird because Vega always wanted to stick with the same roster and improve together as a team. They were like a family.
Vega roster changes
I'm pretty sure Gambit not willing to remove either of their Kazakhs or Dosia. If they kick seized and take mir it's actually a good move but I would rather like to see mir replace Edward.
Vega roster changes
Remember this 1v5 clutch? Really sick
Ass vs mouth vs pussy
Rekt? It's a classic overused "joke" that isn't even funny