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G2 vs forZe
China isn't Dubai lol
Kinguin vs ex-Space Soldiers
I recommend you guy to bet on Kinguin when SS lead 11-4 or 12-3. They choke almost Everytime at that score
Kinguin vs ex-Space Soldiers
Round over - Winner: T (1 - 0) - Enemy eliminated MINISE killed Calyx with glock MINISE killed paz with glock (headshot) MINISE killed ngiN with glock (headshot) MINISE planted the bomb (1on3) Caly...
Breakaway vs Genuine
Nice 5v3 Clap
Breakaway vs Genuine
Tf is this lmao
AVANGAR vs Windigo
Round over - Winner: CT (5 - 9) - Bomb defused qikert defused the bomb Jame killed poizon with awp Jame killed SHiPZ with awp bubble planted the bomb (5on2) bubble killed fitch with ak47 bubble + b...
Astralis vs mousesports
Yeah it big risk. But at that time I see GH clearly have better tactics (Read enemy team like a book). So At 5-0. I decided to place 5mbtc @4 and then for a while. GH win 5 round streak and then lead....
Astralis vs mousesports
Live betting actually good If you know how to use it properly. I already get free 20mbtc from 5mbtc in today from GH vs Singularity. Not included another day.
Astralis vs mousesports
oskar killed ropz with deagle (headshot)
MIBR vs Cloud9
mibr 3 american. Nice
Sharks vs North
Holy sh1t this is unreal
NRG vs North
CeRq killed aizy with glock Round over - Winner: CT (15 - 13) - Bomb defused aizy defused the bomb nahtE killed cadiaN with ak47 aizy + cadiaN (flash assist) killed FugLy with m4a1 (headshot) FugLy ...
Bravado vs x6tence Galaxy
5v3 2v1 haha
compLexity vs x6tence Galaxy