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Draw a cs:go wep take a guess bitches
Gambit disqualified?!
I mean when you really think about it, the thing to do was disqualify them from that specific tournament, and have a temporary ban for them on future tournaments under that brand. They got that, and t...
steel is the only likable brazilian in the pro scene
<3 you two are beautiful people
steel is the only likable brazilian in the pro scene
Random Brazillian and random Argentinian shit talk, another random Argentinian and random Brazillian jerk each other off. I love everyone in this thread <3
Why are clown9 allowed to compete in the higher level?
But, they win doing it.
Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
bot s1mple?
daily PENTA hype thread #14
Maybe with a natu or nasu coaching, the possibility is there for them to be a serious upset team. But more than likely, you're right, it'd be another failed all-Finnish experiment like ENCE, rest in p...
daily PENTA hype thread #14
#8 Didn't follow 1.6 obviously. But I think there's an alll Finnish squad that in my imagination could break top 15 or top 10 even in CSGO. Just a brain experiment really but like zehN, suNny, allu, t...
daily PENTA hype thread #14
make Finnish cs great again.
Cloud9 vs fnatic
Where's the match stats?
SK vs ViCi
hard b8
SK vs ViCi
I love how the brazilians are making jokes about how much better the chinese are, and the one chinese guy is actually shitting on chinese CS. I like the humility guys lmao
Jonty`s low IQ explained
you are hella insecure fam
Jonty`s low IQ explained - somebody put jonty on here for ya boy
Ghost vs OpTic
tfw he actually ended up carrying