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Never forget G2 defuse 29th of August 2019


-Astralis fan
-Study economics at the university of copenhagen
-Live with my GF
-Have a cat
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Bad move for both CoL and Astralis
bo5 1-0 map advantage?
Not an option for big lan tournaments. You dont pay to rent an arena and get a crowd for a day that you maybe dont need
bo5 1-0 map advantage?
So you want the match to be 12 hours long? WTF
Possible csgo updates
Lmao Good one
What is astralis doing differently?
And overall just better preperations. Having protocols for every single scenario so they dont rely on split second decisions
What is astralis doing differently?
I think one of the things is that they have played together for so long (especially device, xyp and dupreeh) they know each other so well. How/when/why their teammates peak. So its much easier for the...
Astralis vs G2
Agree G2's map should be first i was just being an obnoxious Astralis fan for the sake of it
Astralis vs G2
doesnt seem like Vertigo first map would have made a difference
Astralis vs G2
oh right because they made the rules after Astralis won the upper bracket
Astralis vs G2
ESL are just being nice to G2 sparing them from another map of this
Astralis Era
Jugi will destroy faze
Kjaerbye is taking a break
Ye see that now. Thought it was a few hours old because i just fell over a facebook post in the middle of my lunch break at work
Astralis GOAT
I agree with most of what ur saying. Besides lIquids run. They for sure were better than Astralis (at the time) and would have been number 1 anyways. And also a bit early calling Zywoo a bad teamplaye...
Im not plastic. I think Astralis is the best team. But the reason they got top 1 on the rankings wasnt because of their own achievments. It was because fnatic, navi and mouz all sucked ass in road to ...
Ye indeed. And i personally think that Navi and Fnatic specificly suffer the "curse" (kinda their own fault) that they tend to play as well as their opponent. Thats why they look top 3 versus Astralis...