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Valorant is back
Yeah you don't have a lot of that
Valorant is back
Whatever you say....
Valorant is back
Saying my goodbyes to a dying game
Valorant is back
In other news, time passes.... This is no doubt a push by CSGO players on multiple accounts to try and retain their dignity. Don't worry, soon enough they'll be gone just like most of the CSGO playerb...
luckiest team ever?
astralis and no team even comes close. gla1ve running spray overpass v. team liquid won them the series in a major
valorant boredom
meaningful content.... csgo dev take notes
valorant boredom
Fortnite =/= Valorant
valorant boredom
I'll check it out. Thanks
valorant boredom
There isn't an established Valorant website like is to CSGO. The overlap between Valorant audiences and CSGO audiences are clearly pretty high as even some pros are switching to Valorant, so ...
valorant boredom
Thing is the game doesn't suck. Many people like me are dying to play the game again. It's more fair than CSGO and rewards skill more. That's why so many are switching over.
valorant boredom
All stuff being fixed? You use ESEA or FACEIT? Bitcoin miner?
valorant boredom
I only play games that are on PC now. It's hard to go back to my old PS4 and play games at 30 FPS on a laggy TV screen. I might check out Hollow Knight.
valorant boredom
I can just play on other servers anyway if its not popular here. Sure I might have higher ping but that won't prevent me from reaching high levels.
valorant boredom
dead game cry is free
valorant boredom
1. Her smokes don't last that long 2. It's something that is completely obvious when you see it. Let's say you are leaving shower and you see a smoke that is floating but not covering the entire doorw...