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s1mple x dev1ce
Navi wins because s1mple totally the best player in the world. Astralis wins because all 5 Astralis players are in top 20 of the world.
CIS minor
Everyone know that only Astralis > CIS
CIS minor
Ss already lost bo3 Syman and cried in twitter.all others are total shit. Check hltv and their results. Their level syman pro100... gambit spirit winstrike avangard are much better
CIS minor
Its so sad that EU minor gets as many spots as CIS minor winners. like come on who the fukk carres about so shitty EU teams ex-SS, Optic , Windigo, Valiance etc
Zeus and pro100
pro100 owner is Mihail Harkovskiy zeus just a bot
kick hooch BOT
hooch is not igl Starix is an igl
Nade binds
Vladimir Putin
Are you joking man? It is KGB. You can work in KGB only if you had very good results in school. They took only smart people. It is not modern SBU of FSB. Check old and new videos of putin - absolute...
Vladimir Putin
Do you understand that your school and spy school of language are very different ? Person who studied in kgb will speak to the end of his life. Meanwhile he spoke in 2016 German... it means that he fo...
- kenzor
And how many Russains do you know? Or better to say Rosiyan. As i understand you do not know that Russians is also Rosiayne
Vladimir Putin Do you see that voice, manner of speaking and face had changed
Vladimir Putin
Yes of course. How many years spent before she knowed and forgot? For putin it was 5 years. And he learned German for kgb. Believe me it is rather absolutely other level of knowledge. So check your s...
Vladimir Putin
Putin is dead and everyone know that. There are a lot of actors who plays Putin they are different from one another and especially from Putin. Just check any video with Putin before 2007, when he coul...
Best resolution for CS?
very old KennyS)))
Best resolution for CS? 1024x768 and feel yourself Niko or Dev1ce