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Danish roster that can beat Astralis
yes thats very much true, he moved to north to get a opportunity to be a high lvl player, buyt north fucked him
Danish roster that can beat Astralis
valde shit, hes gonna get more and more washed up in north, hes not better thant anyone on astralis jugi great awper with a big talent, but not better than devve k0nfig hes not as good as he used to b...
you can 1,5-2g for aroung 50 kroner (6,71€) yes bro just go into christania i smoke all the fucking time, even if i have a break in school, just go around the corner with my classmates and bam, th...
50ug lsd + weed
fuck you hitler
50ug lsd + weed
yes its literally my first time on lsd
50ug lsd + weed
yeah but i smoke like a lot of weed every day, so you think it gonne affect my alot if i only take 50ug lsd and smoke one joint
CS + weed
i love it, it makes you feel like you are playing way better, especially if youre playing with friends who also happen to have smoked weed i dont enjoy it that much if youre playing alone, toxic tea...
astralis is boring omg
you watch the game for some good cs, when astralis are playing only one team are allowed to play good. Sure its waay better to watch a match where both teams are playing great like Eleague final 2018...
Why does this always happen to TL like en ESL one NY vs faze
New Astralis > Old SK
SK= monkeys and one guy who eats dogs
Astralis boring?
yeah there are no good team who can compete with astralis, cause astralis are too good, cry
astralis is boring omg
no enjoy for astrlis oppnonent cause they are simply way better lmao no crowd, have you heard astralis crowd? dipshit no emotion? theyre litteraly laughing all the fucking time look at them your post...
astralis is boring omg
yeah, cause astrlis are destroying their oppnonent which sk couldnt do