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1280x960 vs 1024x768
woxic and zywoo awping on 1280x960
TenZ explains bench
we all need to conform and play methodical like astralis or get kick mkay no abstract or unorthodox styles that could catch these top teams off guard... nobody likes a hero tenz and moose should mak...
slowly and surely we will see more and more new amd users start complaining about low fps most games run best off the single thread performance at high frequencies
NiKo to Mouse
mouz already kick niko for super tosic to chrisj
dota2 > csgo?
my dota 2 inventory is way more cooler than my cs go inv ever could be those low iq players that dont understand dota 2 are the same shitty lems i get on my team in mm
- more money in usa - $22 trillion debt pick one the debt is owned by trust funds and social security which doesnt look good for millennials who think 401ks and supers are going to allow them to reti...
RIP old cache
feels like the old inferno / train in 1.6 where there used to be heaps of ivy and vines and theres none there now, but callout still remains wasnt any fps drops for me but i guess if nvidia and amd w...
New meta = buy helmet only for $350
this is why you dont chase if you have 100 armour with no helmet this has always been the meta :S spending 350 instead of 1k for a helmet this was also standard in 1.6
rain is so fucking bad
he just got engaged https://twitter.com/FaZe_rainCS/status/1184891129323556866
rain is so fucking bad
pretty sure the only ever tournaments they won are when rain rocks up so basically without him its confirmed they will NEVER win anything just look at his insta or twitter those trophies he constantl...
rain is so fucking bad
well when he is playing well faze are winning things when any other faze player plays good they are still losing shows how low tier his team mates are
theres like 0.2% australians on this site relevant news ?
Tarik cheating?
when he jumps in you can see the T on balc just above smoke he realises it when he lands and goes to flick there (the red dot is even on the radar on carpet balc) the OP posting this video thinks he i...
Tarik cheating?
he was flicking to the T standing on balc since his team mate was already shooting the T on site hes hoping for the best scenario where they both get their frags, instead of both of them shooting the ...
Renegades WARDELL
moose is underrated