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ZyWOo is the Best Player that Ever touched CS
sergej still on another higher level than this guy and only 16yo...
Onlinest player ever
sh1ro and his russian crew
device had to be the #1
errr so wrong? then all astralis players would be top 5 nice logic
while his parents are serving mac and cheese for dinner... their lives will change dramatically
the trick is if you change the size of your radar to super small then the red enemy dots appear sooner on your radar before smoke dissipates, you change it back to large and the red enemy dots remain ...
taken from gla1ve's config bind "c" "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0.30 0.75 0.45" taken from xyp9x's config bind "MOUSE4" "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0.40 0.85 0.45" the other 3 astralis dont have i...
Netflix Series TIPS?
Punisher and Titans is best stranger things is okay.. rest are meh
S1mple deserved
agreed s1mple top1 but magisk is on the rise for 2k19
Karrigan wasn't the problem
lol idiot faze are throwing and taking their cut from the betting orgs why do you think its not being streamed
Are heroin really toxic?
yeah he was already in hospital, maybe his heart just stopped actually forgot the specifics all i knew after that was that it fucks with your heart
Are heroin really toxic?
had a m8 on the h, had a heart attack at 32 it was a definite shock
ex-Space Soldiers vs North
they said he was too old
ENCE strats leaked
you can watch whole doco here if interested https://areena.yle.fi/1-4315124#autoplay=true
ex-Space Soldiers vs ENCE
they said he was too old
he has the bomb down and can seek cover by pushing forward lul wut slow brain or?