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Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom
okay i feel bad for sh1ro then sh1ro was +20 on screams brother across 2 maps and still loses (screams bro the carry of other team)
Solve easy math problem
whats your k/d in faceit if you get 9 kills and 0 deaths
Solve easy math problem
9 9 : 0 = 9
africa chinese tourists too scared of militia gangs
lol and dota are so bad it hurts if you have semi shit team heroes of the storm you can carry
he brings synergy to the team electronic is unleashed to his fullest electronic has mother russia friend now. https://youtu.be/Ky-1XFZc5Ac?t=1397
twistz was blatant?
bruh we already figured this out twistzz has the most retarded claw grip on his mouse out of all pros and the tip of his index finger is literally touching the mouse pad he misclicked while swiping ...
Twistzz cheating
not 1 person has stated the obvious? twistzz has the most retarded crab claw grip ive seen with his index tip pretty much on the mouse pad misclicked when he swiped across
INS gamesense
thats the whole point of it, fake info, instead of insta chasing they play a bit more passive cos they assume theyre still going for it and have to respect it, "possible" players at arch are already i...
INS gamesense
all 5 ts are alive and just overrun bombsite A, 3 of his team mates dead, him and last team mate havent contested, faze already know they will most likely save and they know faze know this too, so hes...
INS gamesense
theres 5 ts alive, and hes last alive, chase is expected outside of silver hes trying to get some timing or prefire with the 1st to chase from arch side also stops them from chasing, he shoots a bul...
time for korea to take over cs too
s0m is a god
s0m is my s0n
hes getting good cash bonus under the table, more than mibr players when neymar on $350mil contract until 2022 is the owner of furia esports... kscerato doesnt need to downgrade team or salary
Best year of Counter-strike?