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Vikings best tv show
after ragnar died.... its meh guess they were following a true timeline inevitable
Astralis 2018, the best CSGO team of all time
not even close, they bombed out few times best i remember is ahl in SK, any given year if ahl is playing you can bet your house SK is winning best bombsite anchor in counterstrike history
Ldlc hadji
amanek to1nou and logan would make a new team and it would be better than that one with scream/hadji/kennys already LOL
Cheating theory
kjaerbye was told to leave because his were too obvious and would make us second think the rest of them and tarnish their rep none the less they did the right move, we arent even looking at them if hi...
Word.exe on lan??
well the 1st guy, kyldeep, definitely aimlocking through walls so obv lol
gla1ve cheater
well when you have no info you can expect these smoke criminals to hop inside a smoke as soon as you throw one down its like the perfect bait like when you drop the bomb as ts instead of retrieving i...
s1mple is the first player ever to reach 1000+ k/d ratio on big events
impressed with guardian imagine he stayed on navi after electronic joined, does astralis have a chance?
apex shox scream kioshima (caller) amanek (awper) do it
Ronaldinho Bankrupt
sounds like iverson once had 200mil and all gone has some life time contract with reebok but cant touch revenues until some absurd age keep hearing reports hes bankrupt
almost wrong, %1 off
rate hot asian
https://www.ign.com/boards/threads/20-asians-girls-with-and-without-makeup.453571129/ ugly asian smurfing?
Russian player VAC banned
vac or ow
fakin australia
https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/aug/16/melbourne-worlds-most-liveable-city-for-seventh-year-running they have like 4 australian cities in top 10 every year
WIN 10 or WIN 7
depends on hardware, if its more than a year old id use win7 for better frames if youve got the latest specs from this year then win10 would get more frames utilising directx better
waiting for new dreamcast surely they will do a new castlevania considering how intricately detailed the timeline has become, also the series on netflix rebooted its popularity