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They left, Yes I know before the major they were planning changes you don’t need to mention that
If Na’Vi fails to win the major I hope he replaces Edward, Not sure what other options he has though, Not sure how good his English is to play on an international team ...
Nip fix
Dennis goes to a more support role, NiP finally start to look good and now you want to kick him? You my friend are retarded
Don’t think ISSAA would work role wise + experience
New IBP team?
Contracts get in the way dude, IBP were sponsorless going under different name(s) for like a month, As soon as the IBP contract expires they dipped, C9 probably would have picked up IBP if they didn’...
stewie2k player profile
Really wish G2 made it so we could’ve gotten Shox Ex6TenZ or SmithZz, Still would like Electronic, Yay for the memes, ISSAA, Magisk, Stanislaw ect
Build team, same first letter in all nick
Stewie S1mple Shox ScreaM Stanislaw
G2 ScreaM is better, Replacing Bodyy
New G2 Lineup
G2 is making their lineup around Shox, He isn’t getting kicked, At most they will just replace Bodyy with ScreaM, ScreaM said in an interview with NeL he enjoys to play with Shox and Ex6TenZ and G2 ...
New IBP team?
They lost the IBP lineup to EG just before they got banned?
New IBP team?
They couldn’t afford to pay Dazed, Steel ect salary 4 years ago so I doubt much has changed
MIBR or CompLexity ?
MiBR, Conplexity will choke in front of a crowd
Movistar Riders vs LDLC
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Good luck to everyone but mainly me