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Triumph vs Cloud9
atleast he had the balls to try and predict, not like you fucks who came and comment after. Let me see you predict one time, and lets see who talking then pussysss
Triumph vs Cloud9
Yeah brother and gl with your wish for your parents. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart, respect from me. I wish i could such a thing for my parents
Triumph vs Cloud9
ah shit bro i see if you really mean that then respect for you brother wish you the best with that! Family is number 1 real shit bro
Triumph vs Cloud9
need the money for prostitutes?
Triumph vs Cloud9
does +4,5 mean that they have to lose atleast 16-12 before it wins or what? i dont really know
Triumph vs Cloud9
+1 racist bitch
New England Whalers vs Big Frames
these inbred canadians are gonna get their assholes rapeed
Sinners vs Nemiga
neofrag 1v9
IP banned entire mobile network
Just use a VPN lol
Tenerife Titans vs Heretics
are u joking?.... face palm... so fucking stupid lmao
Tenerife Titans vs Heretics
they not gonna lose, they will win 2-1
Tenerife Titans vs Heretics
heretics will still win 2-1
USA shitshow since 1776?
usa is a shit country im happy i dont live there, its only good because its a land of opportunity otherwise its the worst country i know besides brazil
Nordavind vs Complexity
honestly nordavind will never accomplish anything with this line up. I havent bet on this match just so ya know but nordavind is like one of the most inconsistent thrash teams out on hltv
NiP vs sAw
wtf u smoke doink?