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Young KennyS VS Zywoo
They nerfed a weapon solely because of KennyS. And zywoo hasnt proven himself yet vs top teams. Zywoo has huge potential and is Definately shining in the French scene.
Would you rather?
It's like choosing between aids and cancer.
Streamer salaries ?!
As far as i know Pimp doesnt make enough money from streaming alone, hence why he is part of the analyst desk a lot of the times.
worst pro nickname?
Clutch minister kokosbollen <3
Definately has a good K/D ratio and good damage per round.
worst pro nickname?
Everybody always pronounces it wrong and it has no real story behind it other than him just racerolling the keyboard. Definately up there among the worst.
worst pro nickname?
xyp9x 100% lol
Optic fix?
The whole foundation of Optic has been absolute shit ever since they got the Danes in. How long was Stanislaw and Shazham on the team? Gade was removed quickly. niko wasnt there for long either. It...
Optic fix?
True fix
Optic fix?
you really Think This rostermove Will happen? Im saying that This COULD be a fix to their current problems. Why would i put in a person we have No idea about instead of one we actually KNOW performs ...
Optic fix?
3 players? North has Valde and Kjaerbye = 2 Optic has JUGI and Konfig = 2 Karrigan is on loan from Faze to envy. You could Call it North 2.0 or Optic 2.0
Optic fix?
Exactly Why Im picking valde over Refrezh. Valde has shown solid playing for a very long time, has experience vs top teams. Refrezh has huge potential, like Gade and Mertz etc. But Lets be Real here...
Optic fix?
Nothing against Refrezh, but id rate valde over him any Day of the week.
Optic fix?
Konfig XDDDD
Kjaerbye Konfig Valde Karrigan JUGI When?