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rate this cute actress
Socialism in Venezuela
Obsession with the USA ? this is not about USA, this is about people you're accused for wasting their resources... u trying so hard to look like a smart person but u have no idea and giving stupid ex...
Socialism in Venezuela
so you think UAE processing their oil reserves by self ? they are the only country in middle-east which good with USA... guess why ?
Cloud9 vs Space Soldiers
im not an exact fan for the team. i just feel bad for paz, calyx and xantares tbh.
Cloud9 vs Space Soldiers
Players keep insist to hold ngiN in team even org managers willing to kick him and this fucking kiddos posting retarded comments about this constantly. Most of them under 16 y/o high school student no...
Cloud9 vs Space Soldiers
i would like to say as a turkish ; fuck this team and all fan kiddos out there who shout like that... they not deserve anything tbh...
Space Soldiers fans come here
how_much o w | m u c h
worst crowd
stfu and donate me 2k $ :<
worst crowd
Only VIP for today. Crowd for tommorow dont know why
Fortnite season 6
Yeah, you can save the world by playing CS:GO instead of playing any other fucking Video Game.
Newfags on hltv
shut up newfag -.-
D0cc speaks and use webcam
i dont care his age because i wasnt talking about him virgin kid... i guess hltv avg age and iq is going below than i thought...
D0cc speaks and use webcam
who cares ? 16 years old virgins
good single players
The Long Dark