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Murharrem Ince
hltv ye yeni katilan bu liseli orospu cocugu tayyip sayesinde internet sahibi oldugu icin sukrediyor sadece. 14 yildir turkce yazmadim hltvye bu orospu cocugu liseli ingilizceden anlamaz diye bi lhas...
[18+] being attractive is everything
actually #13 is right. you boys live in a perfect world, these crimes are nothing.
Space Soldiers vs SK
say whoa ?
Space Soldiers vs SK
say that again.
sadokist bad caster
nt DonHaci
ESL host br
^ +1 tldr ? i dont wanna watch this mummbling nerd.
R8 fnx GF
rate this jacket
yeah meanwhile same girl pick you up for talk about fashion and hook up with another manly looks guy for dreaming about suck his dick and carrying his babies. gay.
rate this jacket
this is for kids, a real man looks like firm, clean and basic.
NRG vs G2
poor kennyS feelsbad.
d0cc & friends cheating
I do realise because i worked in e-sports industry for years. Im just telling you stop chasing these kind of nonsense dramas just focus your own goals.
d0cc & friends cheating
these kids nowadays have no life, so pretedict. im not just talk about cheaters or w/e this bullshit drama. im talking about this Rizla kid too, dont waste your time and resources for such a nonsense...
Heroic vs Space Soldiers
CAAAALYX WutFace just got an heart attack ffs
Heroic vs Space Soldiers
because %90 of them 13-17 years old kids who cant speak english, but yeah they are annoying af anyway.
Caught eating in Ramadan
yeah convert to a christian and get rid of your sins just talking with a pedophile father in church about your sins while his rubbing your dick . EZ ticket to heaven. kek