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"ALlhach ACkBar, TeRoRrist TUrkS" greeting finland. Most victims of summer offsprings from Turkey. lol
xantares banned from twitch
as a turkish i can confirm that.
S1mple played valorant 11h in a row
Haha ok buddy keep zoomin
S1mple played valorant 11h in a row
S1mple played valorant 11h in a row
Mr. Kareem from India. I worked for this industry while you swimming on your own shit and proceed to becoming a proper human. This account created in 2005 after bookhltv into to this after i lost my 2...
S1mple played valorant 11h in a row
S1mple played valorant 11h in a row
pubg never ever became a thing, that game was shit. i never touch that shit because its for slumdog players especially on my country, fortnite still have same player base they are not gonna lose that ...
S1mple played valorant 11h in a row
so, do you think this game will die ? LOL mark this thread and i will reply it end of this year. Delusional hltv newfags lmao.
Valorant [ debate]
hahaha is it? "Ariana Grande on your bed midgets are the best stfu"
mousesports vs BIG
naw naw naw, you completely deserved it. now keep walking.
mousesports vs BIG
aww you hate that much of turks ? we are so sad of heard that, feeling depressed... thanks for influence hypocrite goverment and peoples of us and wanna be sick islamic roots like you in turkey and mi...
twist wtf bhop backwards xd
once you get your momentum after jumping and landing correct time you can keep bhop in limited distance to LITERALLY ANY DIRECTION since 2003 1.6 update. so welcome to cs -.-
Sekiro>Witcher 3