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which country is 'free'?
Japan is a hell of a place. Super small country + super high prices + super complicated language + super hard work conditions + super high concurrency + super weird people make this country one of the...
which country is 'free'?
Tbh we dont have such rehabilitation centers lmao. Its just our mentality. "Gay" here is an offensive word.
Roma wins 4 BAFTAs
Well, the film itself is critic-oriented, not for mass public. You know, all these shadow/light games, lyrical background and other shit that satisfies critics, but I dont give a fuck about.
Btw, in CIS community we have a similar meme, but with Lenin in it UPD:
How can I prevent diabetes?
lmao it all about genes. Ask ur parents if any of ur relatives had diabetes. If not, do not worry. If yes, you should worry.
Roast your own country
77 frags. 75 frag goes for an ace each round + 2 frags, one for ur hopes and one for ur dreams
[+18] I fell in love. Help Guys. 2
Is she a mormon? Who in the hell doesn't have any social media nowadays?
s1mple or device #1
Denmark, dude. It is clear as fuck
overrated/underrated players
Your outfit???
no pipes sry =( btw you'll need a specialised heating system mb in the future
Your outfit???
haha, here, in russia, u dont depend on electricity to warm up. Thanks god we own a damn lot of natural gas
Sneakers 300$
*reaching for a hammer and a sickle*
Your outfit???
*feeling old but warm* btw adidas is a real oldschool
Your outfit???
Russian outfit right now be like a fur coat ushanka warm pants under jeans fur boots leather gloves
Odin > Allah
lmao be aware not of allah tho