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Top 5 toxic nations in MM
even being from Norway i really really rarely meet norwegians
if u could delete only 1 person in the history...
greta shitbird
Help with girl
i would be scared shitless wtf mens just block her and find someone else or she will show up to your house with machete like ISIS in France
Help with girl
15 min audio recording? bismillah the jin is here
I guess your weight
oh ok gotcha but man 23 and even skinnier than me you need food man((
I guess your weight
actual Norsk or fakeflag andy?
I guess your weight
dayum even skinnier than me wtf, how old man?
I guess your weight
im actually like 53-55 kg lol, im really skinny and its pretty bad:/ im 16 if you wondered. btw thanks for kind words FeelsStrongMan
I guess your weight
1. Keep going up and down from global and supreme 2. 1710-1720hrs 3. Born and raised in Norway but ethnically middle eastern (EU in 2020 hAhAA ayy lmao xDDDD) 4. Zowie FK1 and I dont even know the key...
muslims in europe
så klart. Holmlia er selvsagt det tryggeste stedet i Oslo. Det er mye kriminalitet her på Nordstrand((((((((((
Elizabeth Warren
even better: dont care or dont have any stance in politics, EZ happier life :coolguyglasses: :coolguyglasses: :coolguyglasses: :coolguyglasses:
muslims in europe
la han være han er sikkert fra holmlia
skandinavia > NA > EU without skandinavia
True. Nynorsk 🤢
skandinavia > NA > EU without skandinavia
rich hillbillies? man where i live there are only spoiled rich white kids
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