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bored at work ama
USA is 1st World, yet there are enough people who barely afford rent. Your logic doesn't work here. There are rich and poor people in all countries, no matter if 1st/2nd/3rd World. Yes, it is more lik...
Nexus vs Valiance
Remove is right.
Bajini Puleni vs Invictus Aquilas
The guy that was accused left the team anyways.
Bajini Puleni vs Invictus Aquilas
This is really cool :)
It is impossible in Romania legal-wise to have salaries for players. Jaxi has told his viewers on stream there are no salaries.. you can't have better proof than this. But I won't search for the exact...
No salaries at Nexus :)
XPC vs Nexus
Pity it is exclusive... *rolls his eyes*
Your Job/Career
Thanks, buddy.
Your Job/Career
It is possible, but I don't want to split my follower base up :) And Twitch is almost dead in Romania anyways.
Your Job/Career
Yes. I stream on YouTube, it is more popular in Romania. ~23,000 followers, avg. viewers for last 15 streams about 1200.
Your Job/Career
CS:GO caster and student.
Ugliest country flag?
Says Hungary because no Transilvania for you guys.
Valiance vs Nexus
Hard one on Nexus, Valiance has been in good shape lately, especially with the ex-Binary Dragons lineup signing with this org => bigger salaries => higher motivation. However, Nexus acquired a lot of ...
r8 my logo
I would recommend to draw something on the face, some eyes or something. It is just plain black and looks bad, other thn t hat all good bro. Good luck@!
Nexus vs