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Astralis vs Liquid
0-2 to trashstralis after going into CT on second half of Overpass, that's one of the biggest jokes of the year
Astralis vs Liquid
lmao another successful B hit, Liquid are fucking morons
Astralis vs Liquid
Hey liquid after the 8th B hit do you think you want to fucking defend it?
Vitality vs Grayhound
Losing to a team that's disbanding after the tournament, good job #2 team in the world
Vitality vs Grayhound
Overpass is heavily CT sided, this isn't a surprise
forZe vs DreamEaters
Win 7 rounds, on two half buys. I don't understand
FaZe vs Cloud9
Guess I should've went with the straight win instead of the handicap
Astralis vs Liquid
Damn, this is one of the most biased tournaments I've ever seen. Not a single supporter for Liquid in the crowd and the casters are incredibly biased towards Astralis.
lol got baited into the +1.5, press F for me boys
Liquid vs
Imagine not being able to beat VP within the under. Imagine being that bad.
pro100 vs TYLOO
China? Nah.
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Oh it's one of those days where nothing makes sense and the garbage team does great. Wonderful.
Vega Squadron vs HellRaisers
HR losing to Tyloo, barely beating Sprout...dunno about a full loss but that handicap looks juicy for Vega
G2 vs OpTic
Round over - Winner: CT (12 - 15) - Bomb defused niko defused the bomb niko killed SmithZz with m4a1 niko killed kennyS with m4a1 SmithZz planted the bomb (2on2) JUGi killed shox with awp niko killed ...
BIG vs mousesports
Give up 1 round on CT side=Loss on Train. CT side busted, always has been.