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Ex-Pro battlefield 4 player, ice hockey player for U40 teams and an upcoming swimmer coach!
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Mibr vs Astralis pick/ban?
1. MIBR removed Nuke 2. Astralis removed Cache 3. MIBR picked Inferno 4. Astralis picked Overpass 5. MIBR removed Dust2 6. Astralis removed Mirage 7. Train was left over
Ksi vs Logan Paul WHEN
7pm UK time
I retired from CS
Music thread #2
1. 2. 3.
fortnite p0rn
It's called: Get a life
Tournament Idea
How much for your haircut??
I have one ;)
How much for your haircut??
It takes only 8 here for small cozy hairdresser. My hair takes like 10€ for all things i have a month, so... Bit less than 20€ monthly
How much for your haircut??
That's not just hair... Its your appearance and it helps to decide if you are worrying about your hygiene and stuff like that. Most businessman don't know your attitude, but they can partly say it by ...
i r8 your country
Not really, most of the people you think are imigrants are here since the Soviet Union died... So technically they are not imigrants...
i r8 your country
Reason why? We have hot chicks, we don't have that much gay as Estonia, we invented jeans, we got a dude as Europe region animal healtcare president, we dont have much imigrants!
i r8 your country
Hello my friend!
Let's play a game
Let's play a game
f0rest leaves
A what? Don't know that hockey player