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why kick lekr0?
they are just giving golden one final chance to frag.Lekro will be back for sure.100% after the next event. vs Space Soldiers
the whole team is trash including kuben.taz cant even be defined as being a problem in this case. vs Space Soldiers
virtus.MG vs Space Soldiers
Taz was the problem.This team is just a waste of space in every game they play.
SK vs OpTic
Lmao Cold be like i call on maps where we dont perform well.Now they are worse on train.
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
zeus please just go.This is like VP
Cloud9 vs Sharks
cant wait for shitbrain tarik to give a bullshit reason again on a HLTV interview.
SK vs NiP
Yup just jump out of boiler without a single fucking flash.when your players are brain-dead and you are lucky all you can do is get 10 rounds.shitties in pyjamas
TyLoo vs FaZe
faze is just so just take this event already.finish this shitshow.
TyLoo vs FaZe
faze always choking at 15.
TyLoo vs FaZe
Now lets get into the 2nd half of faze t side shitshow.
TyLoo vs FaZe
problem is the players at mouz get tilted easily.And ropz seriously lacks game sense from what i saw yesterday.Cant hold a single position without turning around or doing something stupid.
TyLoo vs FaZe
yea they are against faze,they have a great chance.
TyLoo vs FaZe
astralis is taking this tournament by light years.none of these teams are on their level.faze is not even on the level of mouz.
TyLoo vs FaZe
nah , its just triggering because they call themselves pros and are retarded.