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Bravado vs Signify
eventhough its great signify won but my god, wtf cs was this. My eyes were starting to bleed.
FaZe vs Liquid
Botian busy looking elsewhere instead of focussing on holding a site and liquid come straight in dry and kill him. This is why you should take care of yourself and not become fucking slob
ViCi vs 2ez
fuck yes. Antidote is actually playing in this one. Good to see him back to work after that optic shit show.
FaZe vs
lmfao 14-2 -> 17-19. typical VP.
LMFAO snatchie god in ago and shit in vp. Everyone who comes into this team now becomes absolute shit
2ez vs Slaughter Rage Army
Nice telecasting Cs on a broadcast which is money hungry & greedy. Way to add shit to Indian cs , shitstar
Mythic vs Old Guys Club
Lmao, lose vs a team with 0 prac on all maps. Why do these guys in mythic waste their time with a team.
Swole Patrol vs
lmao vp has no clue on retaking at B like literally snatchie is wondering where to even go.
Swole Patrol vs
swole patrol , patrolling the shit out of vp. Fucking disband. Get snatchie, michu & morelz still play like shit. They were better off in their own teams.
Swole Patrol vs
lmao shitus pro disband
Renegades vs MIBR
foreal, i didnt bet. train is one of their strength's and they were literally shitted on by renegades on the CT side.
Renegades vs MIBR
fucking disband MIBR. No i did not bet for kids in here.
Entity vs God Particles
Sad for Excali & Ametarasu. Such good talents ruined by this motherfucker.
NRG vs Gambit
nice play from danny "daps" worsnop from asking alexandria
snatchie is the next victim of this grandpa team. Will get washed out like snax and then leave. FFS why. VP good at ruining good players with their bullshit plays