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seeya at major SK LMAO
SK are weak on inferno and BIG was very very good on inferno.. so..
SK Gaming
By that Logic, Optic are part of the Na scene since they were in NA for most of their time as a team.
SK Gaming
yeah they got that because people saw potential in them and saw how dedicated they were. in the end, other NA teams also had the same things that SK had, but SK has proven that they took great advanta...
SK Gaming
They started in SA. The Legacy started from Brazil. They moved to NA after getting good, so nt
Greatest US president ever?
nt but best us president ever is Johannes Hancock
Coldzera apologize
He tweeted: cold>niko fallen>guardian taco>olofmeister fer>rain boltz>karrigan or something like that after they won.
I'm president AMA
Coldzera twetter English isn't his first language.
Coldzera twetter
NA BEST SCENE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Shroud accuses SK of cheating
>I'm not favela >I know he isn't being serious Its a joke.. #12 read that
Shroud accuses SK of cheating
+1 I wish ericpc92 knew what jokes were
seeya at major SK LMAO
I'm not brazilian, I have ex imt because they will soon be part of 100Thieves and I like the logo. thats why.
seeya at major SK LMAO
im not even fan of sk Im fan of Astralis and NA teams thats it. I just like it when FaZe loses.