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beautiful story 9/8 I cried at 3 am (gone wrong gone sexual cops called)
C9 Major Lineup
Well I guess you have your answer now
C9 Major Lineup
True didn't think of that and also forgot NRG choked at minors LUL rip :(
C9 Major Lineup
Why would Ethan and cerq leave a growing successful team to gamble joining a team that may/may not completely ruin their careers?
C9 Major Lineup
Yeah most likely picked up NA players that haven't played in big pro teams recently like sgares and/or jdm
FACEIT MAJOR winner 2018
Qbf doesn't exist anymore it's winstrike
FACEIT MAJOR winner 2018
C9 will win again this is the na era
C9 Major Lineup
They may have signed players and just not announced them yet
VP Better than c9 now
Of course a team that has points for 5 players is going to be higher ranked than a team that is only ranked by 3 players atm. If c9 has Stylo and golden signed full time, they'd be close to top 10 ju...
C9 announcement???
Roster lock is today but they don't have to announce it till they feel like it
Muslim women in CSGO?
As a first generation immigrant from Pakistan, I have seen and experienced both sides between both friends and family
Muslim women in CSGO?
They can it's just that in non Western Muslim countries the culture there is that usually women get married as soon as they complete their education or after they get a higher education. In Western c...
Muslim women in CSGO?
Completely false.
2nd at esp one cologne ring a bell?
Worst major wins
UK made a different eu team better (smooGOD) Poland made a different eu team worse (mousetraps)